Leader: Sweden is worth defending
Do not believe the claim: ”Neutrality has served us well”. Sweden was kept outside World War II due to chance. We could not believe in having good luck once more.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: Minerals in Sweden
New minerals will give us a fossil free society, with opportunities for climate and society. Coal and oil will be phased out and replaced by solar panels, windmills, electrical vehicles and batteries. The entire world needs minerals for the new civilization. On problems and opportunities for mining rare minerals in Sweden.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: Farmers, mountain people and miners
Mining has old roots in Sweden. Maybe it is several thousand years old. Since medieval times mining in Sweden has been restricted under heavy government red tape.

Filip Björner: The Hegelian virus in the United States
The dialectic materialism of Marx and Engels was based on the religious dialectic of Hegel.  Marx and Engels developed their thinking and were at the same time criticizing young adepts of Hegelianism. The Hegelian virus early reached the United States and was an important factor behind the defense of slavery and the socialist ideas that were combined with the defense of slavery.

C G Holm: The language of Contra
Why Contra uses the term ”the Chinese virus” and not the term used in mainstream media. Why we don’t use the word nazism (instead national socialism) and why we write Kosova, Chornobyl and Lukashenka not Kosovo, Chernobyl and Lukashenko. And why we do not use the official translations of Gustavus V (1917) or Bible 2000 (2000) in quotes from the Bible.

Dan Ahlmark: Is our civilization and our country doomed?
The life cycle of empires have been analyzed during the centuries. General Glubb Pasha divided the life of an Empire into seven phases, the last three being: 5) The phase of intellect 6) The phase of Decadence and 7) The phase of Decline and collapse. But the development of militray empires are not necessarily relevant for the development of present national states. But there are similarities and you find a lot of Glubb Pasha’s phases 5 and 6 in present day Sweden.

Tommy Hansson: The Draken fighter jet
– a spearhead in the Cold War
During the Cold War Sweden had the fourth biggest air force in the world. Only the superpowers (including Britain) invested more in their air forces. The Saab 35 Draken turned into an icon of the Swedish Air Force (644 manufactured). The jet was the first with the double delta wing configuration.

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Bjørn Lomborg: False alarm
Bjørn Lomborg has written a new book discussing the enormous costs of climate policies. If we should counter global temperature increase and carbon dioxide emissions it should not be done as we try to do it now. It’s to costy and are ruining the possibilities of development given to mankind.