The Contra Foundation
monitors political correctness

Contra defends the traditional Western ideals of freedom, progress and democracy. The market economy is a necessary prerequisite in order to achieve these objectives.

Contra is a Foundation dedicated to the promotion of political ideas.

The Contra Foundation was established in 1974 when three people together contributed 500 krona in order to purchase a second-hand mimeograph machine. Thanks to contributions from many private individuals and through publishing the Contra magazine and other campaign items the operations of Contra have expanded.

“Contra” is a latin word meaning “against”. The name was selected in order to show that Contra was an enemy of the socialist ideology that at that time – in 1974 – had dominated the Swedish government for 42 years. It was most adequate that the word Contra in the former Soviet Union was used as an invective against any person seen as hostile towards the government, that is any enemy of socialism was called a “contra”. Contra thus was a very adequate name for a movement opposing socialism wherever it turned up its ugly face.

Contra today is working with information regarding basic human values. The Foundation sees collectivism as an inhuman view which has been the basis for much of the evil that has hit mankind. Socialism is one type of collectivism. It might be the traditional type of socialism that you see in Sweden or the national socialist version, which controlled Germany eighty years ago. Today racism is another form of collectivism that must be countered by decent people.

But naturally, Contra is not only against, Contra is also for. Contra is an advocate of human rights, of the market economy and a close political and cultural interchange between Sweden and the Western democracies.

The Contra magazine is the most important product of the Contra Foundation. The magazine is not giving an overall view of todays’ events. With only a few issues a year this is impossible.

The editors instead concentrate on adding new aspects to what is discussed in other media. We know that not one single reader of Contra magazine reads Contra as his or her exclusive source of information and thus we can afford to give another view. We look for what you will not see in other media and publish important facts that are hard to find elsewhere. We publish what readers of papers all over the world read, but seldom is seen as fit for print in Sweden.

A large part of the Contra magazine deals with the development outside Sweden. Another large part discuss economics. But Contra also deals with matters comprising a wide spectrum of political matters.

Contra also publishes books. Contra Publishers release a couple of new books every year and authors include well-known people like Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Richard Nixon and Vladimir Bukovsky as well as many Swedes.

The Board of Directors of Contra Foundation consists of the following:
Géza Molnár (chairman of the board)
Christer Arkefors
C G Holm
Fredrik Runebert

Publisher of Contra magazine, responsible according to Swedish press law: Géza Molnár
Publisher of Contra website, responsible according to Swedish internet legislation: C G Holm

Auditor: Erik Ågerup (certified public accountant)

The Swedish version of this web-site gives a more comprehensive information on the Contra Foundation. But as a service for our foreign guests, we offer you a summary in English of all issues of Contra since 1996 if you follow the links to the right: