Hans Blix – wrong man in wrong place

Hans Blix, head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), is not a very popular person among those who want to see a military showdown with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Two important articles in two of the most respected American print media, The Washington Times and National Review, criticize Mr Blix. In Washington Times former Swedish deputy prime minister and chairman of the Liberal Party, Per Ahlmark, wrote and published the criticism he earlier in 2002 published in the largest Swedish quality paper, Dagens Nyheter. Mr Ahlmark is personally well acquianted with Mr Blix for more than forty years. Mr Ahlmark describes Blix as naïve, weak and ignorant.

The deteriorating quality of the Swedish language, by Tommy Hansson

To criticize the quality of modern language is hazardous. Before you finish the article, you might get a disastrous misprint attacking the low quality but proving no point beacuse of your own misteake (…ooops! Wasn’t I right?) But you have to take that risk in order to take care of the deteriorating quality of the Swedish language in today’s media.

Venezuela a ruined country on the brink of chaos, by C G Holm

Venezuela is governed by Hugo Chávez Frías, an officer who failed to grab power in a coup d’etat attempt in 1992. But in 1998 he succeded in winning a democratic election. He is dismantling democracy and moves Venezuela in the same disastrous direction as the socialist Salvador Allende moved Chile in the early 1970s. But the people of Venezuela are protesting and demand new elections.

They ruined Sweden: Cultural radicals advocating chaos, by Tommy Hansson

In a series of articles under the headline ”They ruined Sweden” Contra has presented the modern human catastrophes of Sweden. These people have, according to our point of view, contributed to the spirtitual and moral decline of our country, resulting in nihilism and PC’ism as substitutes for good and eternal values. This development includes high crime rates, drug abuse, murder of unborn children, support for communism and other dictatorships, the undermining of family institutions, contempt of religion and belief in God as well as a widespread promiscuity and tolerance of homosexuality and other sexual perversions. In this final article in the series a background is given by studying leftism in cultural affairs and the continuous destruction of the Swedish society

Lapps and the ethnic Swedes, by Tomas Cramér

(Mr Cramér is retired ombudsman of the Lappish (sami) people)
In a recent book by Lennart Lundmark it is claimed that popular belief 250 years ago saw Lapps as fickle, volatile and awkward. Mr Cramér would rather see looks 250 years backwards directed towards the sophisticated legal formulas of Pufendorff and Grotius. In 1751 Sweden, Denamrk and Norway established a Lappish court based on Lappish legal principles from time immemorial. The Swedish parliament approved the establishment of the Lappish court, which also was approved by the Swedish Supreme Court. The law of 1751 should be regarded as an equal source of justice, parallell to other laws in the country, with the Lapp Village (”samebyn”) as the legal entity. But seldom these principles have been applied in legal prctice during the past 250 years!