Latvians and Russians in Latvia

During the spring 1998 Latvia was in the international focus, when the Republic tried to get into the fast lane towards the European Community. But the hopes to get into the fast lane were hurt by claims that Latvians were oppressing the Russian minority in the country. Russian TV broadcast films that were said to show retired Russian protesters beaten by Latvian police. Veterans from WWII were said to start “marching” again. In Moscow a campaign was arranged in order to boycot Latvian goods, as a protest against Latvian oppression of Russians.

Valentins Silamikelis is in the very focus of all this. He was present when the Latvian veterans gathered. He has experienced how hundred of thousands of Russians moved into his country and took the best of everything. He feel the hatred from the old occupants against Latvia and the Latvians. Hundreds of thousands of Russians in the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia are moving when the Russians loose their absolute power. But no Russians move from Latvia. Why? Because the Russians lead a better life in Latvia than in Russia!

Contra is moving to the South Seas

Contras Internet site is moving to the small South Sea island of Niue. Because of lunatic Swedish bureaucrats, Contra is moving its Internet site. Surfers in Sweden will not note any difference, with the exception of the Niue suffix .nu instead of the Swedish suffix .se. In practice all data will still be kept at the Telenordia computers in Stockholm, Sweden.

Is Archbishop K-G Hammar prepared to ban the Bible?

The Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, K-G Hammar is a man of “political correctness” regarding homosexuals. A photo exhibition in the Cathedral of Uppsala recently presented Jesus as a (nude) homosexual. The Archbishops statements on homosexuality is contradictory towards the dealings with the topic in the Bible. The article gives several quotes from the Holy Bible commenting on homosexuality, from the destruction of Sodom in Genesis to the letters of St Paul. The Bible is against homosexuality ­ although it is very forgiving towards repentant sinners, including homosexuals.

Heroes in the Cold War: Laszlo Tökes – one of the men behind the toppling of Ceausescu

Christmas Day 1989 the Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Eleena were executed. TV watchers the world over were shown the fate of the Ceausescus. What is less known to the public is the background of this symbolic and important event. The protestant Hungarian priest Laszlo Tökes was one of the key figures behind the development that lead to the toppling of the Romanian dictatorship.

A sad 80 year anniversary: The murders of the family of Tsar

Eighty years ago ­ during the night of July 17 1918 ­ the family of the Russian tsar was murdered in Jekaterinburg on the eastern slopes of the Ural mountains.In the morning of March 20 1917, five days after the abdication of the tsar, the provisional government under Alexander Kerenskij had ordered the arrest of the tsarevna. Two days later the tsar himself was taken to Tsarskoje Selo as a prisoner.

Old and new findings on Raoul Wallenberg and Adolf Eichmann

Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, famous for rescuing tens of thousand jews in Budapest at the end of World War II and then disappearing in Stalin’s Gulag had some odd working relationship with nazi butcher Adolf Eichmann. This relationship made it possible for Wallenberg to save the jews of Budapest.