Leader: The population. Too few babies are born in Sweden.

Filip Björner: Hamas. In Malmö, and other Swedish cities, islamists have openly celebrated the Hamas attack on Israel. Which has been condemned by representatives of all eight parties represented in the Riksdag (parliament). To the left criticism of Hamas has been lame, because among Swedish socialists you find both shame and hatred against jews.

C G Holm: The Chinese economy turns down. After many years of economic progress, caused by the liberation of free enterprise, China’s economy is turning down, due to reintroduced control by the Chine Communist Party under dictator Xi Jin-ping.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: All public power emanates from the people. The Swedish population is protected by the constitution, but European Union directives are sometimes above the constitution. On the emergence of the Swedish constitution.

Facts on Mohammad. On theft, oppression of women, pedophilia, robbery, incest and murder.

Twelve authorities on organized crime. Twelve public authorities have together published a report on organized crime. And what to do about it.

Allan C. Brownfeld: Polarization and violence in American politics. To have a public office usually didn’t mean you were exposed to physical risks. I can’t remember that a member of Congress was exposed to physical threats when I worked in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Unfortunately these times are passed.

Matthew Campbell: Javier Milei. Libertarian new president in Argentine. Javier Milei says he has the best stragists of all, with his five English Mastiff dogs moving into the Casa Rosada (Presidential Palace) instead of a wife and kids.

Crime scene: Moscow. A Swedish public authority, The Living History Forum, has recently released material on crime scenes of the Soviet Communist Party in Moscow.

Britt-Louise Hoberg on the development of industry in Sweden. Based on a book on Swedish industrialism.