Leader: A new government
It will not be as easy for indepndents to exert influence on the new government as it was on the old. The previous government had a majority of one which was very successfully used by leftist kurdish MP Amineh Kakabaveh. The new government has a majority of three and thus a single independent cannot exert as big an influence as Ms Kakabaveh did. It’s needed that at least two turn independents and fully agree on policies.

The parliamentary election
The Swedish parliamentary election of 2022 offered a choice among eight major parties, all represented in the Riksdag. But there were more to choose among, several parties that formerly were represented in the Swedish or European parliaments.

Laws of warfare
The war in Ukraine make us foxus on participants in the war. What does the laws of warfare say when people are caught by the enemy. Per Ossmer looks closer at the laws of warfare, included in several international conventions.

Dan Ahlmark: The foundations of libertarianism
In two articles Dan Ahlmark will explain his views on libertarianism.

Ageism is when people are dealt with in different ways depending on their age. Youth is energy, vitality and beauty. While seniors on the other hand are declining, unattractive and weak. Society and the labour market should look at ageism as they look on other forms of discrimination.

Chemical warfare
Adolf Hitler is said to have turned temporarily blind after a French attack with mustard gas at Ypres during the First world war. It is generally regarded as a fact that the blindness of Hitler was a psychological thing, anyway, chemical warfare has been used during the times and is still an international problem.

The founding father Thomas Jefferson and liberty
Thomas Jefferson is attacked. Even att his estate Monticello. Now a museum in Charlottesville, Virginia, the exhibition seems to focus mor on Jefferson as a slave owner than his political achievements. According to the New York Post the museum shop sells five books on Jefferson’s slaves but only on on Jefferson himself.

Russian attack on Sweden cannot be excluded
In spite of the fact that there at present are no worrying military movements at our borders an armed attack on Sweden cannot be excluded according to Swedish defense..

The myth of the sixth extinction
The World has experienced five mass extinctions. The most well-known is the extinction of the dinosaurs during what is known as the ”fifth mass extinction” after the earth was hit by an asteroid 65 million years ago.

Red China – a giant on weak foundations
According to an article in Epoch Times August 10 2022 approximately 400 million Chinese have left the Communist party and its affiliates.