Sweden and NATO

Sweden is not a member of NATO. What’s then NATO? 28 countries agreeing that if one country is attacked all should defend that country in solidarity. NATO is not for aggression, but purely for defense. NATO does not posess nuclear weapongs, although some of its constituting members do. Today Sweden has an agreement with NATO, but that agreement does not include any promises of protection from NATO. To get that protection you need to be a full member.

Putin.war, by C G Holm

Murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov at his death worked with a report on the lies and wars of Vladimir Putin. The report has now been completed by his collaborators, among them Ilya Jashin, who recently visited Sweden. Contra had the opportunity to get informed by Jashin on what really happens in Russia.

The reunification of Germany 25 years,
by Kjell Albin Abrahamson

Kjell Albin Abrahamson gives the background of the reunification of Germany, a success story with very few mistakes.

Russia. The big threat against the West,
by Bertil Häggman

In the Budapest agreement of 2008 Russia – and other states – guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange of Ukraine giving up all nuclear weapons. Today we know that the agreement was worth nothing. And that Russia is the big threat, not only against the Ukraine, but against the entire West.

The degeneration of the left. From marxist intellectuals to mythomaniacs, antisemites and pro-islamists,
by Tommy Hansson

A recent twitter contained the summary: ”I’m so old that I remeber when leftists were intellectuals”. That’s also my own position. I hated leftist heroes like Jan Myrdal, Joachim Israel and Göran Therborn, and I detested their views. But I respected their intellectual credentials. That is more than can be said about present leading leftists like Anders Lindberg and Mattias Gardell.
DAB radio – a billion in tax money completely wasted
Taxpayers have been forced to pay 800 million kronor for experiments vid DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). At times 25 people at the public Radio Sweden worked producing DAB programs that were listened to by the ten (!) owners of DAB receiving equipment. This madness has been run since 1995 and phased out only this year.

The US drops when you measure freedom in the world, Hong Kong still number one,
by Jonathan Norström

Sweden is among the top ten, but Hong Kong is still number one. This when three of the most important think tanks measure the status of freedom in 152 countries. It should be noted that the United States has dropped on the lists since the election of Barack Obama. The US now is somewhere between position 16 and 20.

From Marx’ and Engels’ clan society to today’s racist left,
by Tommy Hansson

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were among the most influential thinkers of modern time. Their ideas were behind the most brutal experiment in society that the world has ever seen – Communism. They still influence society today. They based their ideas on archaic Communism on studies by the American amateur anthropologist Lewis H. Morgan, a man today seen as basically unscientific.

The foundations of capitalism,
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Pope Frances visited the United States and made statements critical of modern capitalism. As the pope is a native of a Peronist country it might be understandable that he has hard to understand the foundations of capitalism. But he forwards questions on the foundations of capitalism and how it should serve us, questions that are deserves contemplation.

The suburbs forgotten by the Swedes
by C G Holm

Jan Edling has studied the situation in 38 Swedish suburbs where integration of immigrants has been non-existent. Some of these suburbs are located outside the big cities, but worst of them all is Herrgården in the city of Malmö, with 95 per cent of the population with a foreign background. The failure of integration and the failure of society is given in figures by Mr Edling.