Bush-Cheney may give new spirit in the US

Only a couple of weeks are left until the presidential election in the US, a close race between republican George W. Bush and democrat Al Gore. Contra clearly sees the need of a new start in US politics after two terms with a democratic president. The Clinton/Gore administration is probably the most morally corrupt in the history of the United States. In the article we especially look at the two veep candidates, republican Dick Cheney and democrat Joseph Lieberman.

The oppressed chechen nation

Few people are aware of the terrible background of the wars in Chechenya. Yes, new reports may mention the fact that entire nations were deported ­ cruelties and ethnic cleansing committed by Russians against chechenians, ingushians, cherkassians, balkaris and karachachians. But the terrible total picture has not been opened to those that are served by desinformation from the Kremlin via Reuters, AP, AFP, TT, Itar-Tass, Interfax and many more. It’s time to tell the truth about Chechenyan history under Russian occupation

A profitable business: Social racketeering

Child custody has turned into a profitable industry. The profitability is such that economic goals play an important role. The poor victim of “social lizards” often has problems to make people in the vicinity to believe what is said. Things like that does not happen in Sweden! But they do happen. And many prefer not to tell anything about it. They withdraw and isoldate themselves socially with many tragedies following.

Heroes of the Cold War
Casey made CIA awake after a long sleep

William J. Casey (1913-87) was in charge of Ronald Reagan’s succesful election campaign in 1980. After Reagan’s inauguration he appointed Casey as new director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As CIA director “Wild Bill” Casey in a very active way contributed to the Western victory in the Cold War. Casey died by brain cancer in 1987.

Those who destroyed Sweden:
The eloquent sceptic Ingemar Hedenius

Together with the nihilist Axel Hägerström (Contra # 2 2000) the Uppsala philosopher Ingemar Hedenius (1908-82) was our most well-known religious sceptic. As with Hägerström Hedenius early in his life wanted to become a priest. When he died in leuchemia in 1982 Sweden lost an eloquent advocate of atheism

Swedish defense without a spine
by Jan von Konow

When I was asked to write this column commenting the decision on defense by the Riksdag, my question was defined as: What is happening with Swedish defense? The defense decision by the Riksdag this past spring tears down what has been built during decades and many now ask if we still have the ability to defend our country.