The investigation of the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme

Former Police Officer Stig Johansson continues his critical analysis of the investigation of the murder of Swedish PM Olof Palme. Mr Johansson himself was taking part in the investigation, after having worked for 18 years with the Swedish secret security police (SÄPO). Mr Johansson this time elaborates on efforts made to investigate a number of suspects widely publicised by “the politically correct” media. Between 30 and 40 police of ficers worked with the case of the leader of the “European National Socialist Union”, who himself claimed to have murdered Mr Palme. It turned out that the Union consisted of one single member, the Führer himself, and that he had a very weak relationship with the truth. Mr Johansson also discusses the Social Democratic network within the police – and especially within SÄPO – and mentions bureau chief Bengt Lööw, a long time social democratic activist married to the former cabinet minister responsible for immigration. One victim of the social democratic vendetta against the right was a stenographer working in the Swedish parliament and in the prestigious Foreign Affairs Committe, chaired by H M the King of Sweden. This man happened to be an acquaintance of Anders Larsson, who widely was described as a right-wing extremist, although he himself claimed that he voted for the Social Democrats. In the media Mr Larsson was called the “47 year old right wing extremist”. The stenographer was attacked for his acquaintance with Mr Larsson and was finally forced to retire in advance.

Russian reforms

Russian reforms now are firmly set in the Russian context, Contra publisher Tommy Hansson claims after a visit to St Petersburg. Mr Hansson’s conclusion is that the reforms only have started and that you certainly may see a backlash, but that the basic direction towards a more liberal society is irreversible. Mr Hansson also discusses the financial potential for Swedish business in the closely located nothwestern part of Russia.

The Great Game in Western Asia

Contra’s correspondent on Cyprus, Bertil O. Wedin, discusses the “Great Game” played in Western Asia and the efforts of the new Russia to make the countries in the area as dependent as possible. He also discussses the Russian advances and military presence in the southern (Greek) part of Cyprus.

Political correctness and the Swiss example

Political correctness also extends to countries. One of the most well-managed countries in Europe, Switzerland, now seem to be attacked because it is the best. Low inflation and unemployment, a high standard of living and a sophisticated democracy. Switzerland should be a showcase for other nations, but now it seems to be the other way around. How many other countries, for example, were as generous in giving generous shelter for Jewish refugees in a Europe that was almost completely engulfed by National Socialism?

Tryggve Lie – one of the Heroes of the Cold War

The first secretary general of the United Nations, the Norwegian diplomat Tryggve Lie, saved both Korea and Israel, when these countries were attacked by Cornmunist and Arab enernies. Mr Lie made it possible for the attacked nations to survive.

The future of taxation

Contra editor C G Holm analyses the future of Swedish taxation. With the world’s highest taxes and more and more open borders it is evident that taxes have to be devised in a way that avoids tax evasion to neigbouring countries. We already have seen taxes go down on beer and life insurance, as a consequence of open borders. The wealth tax will follow suit. On the other side taxes on real estate, low income earners (less movable) and merchandise you have to buy often (food, petrol) will increase.