Low priorities for hard defined illnesses

Chronically sick that are given treatment in Sweden are privileged to live in a land where care works. But emergency patients and patients suffering of an undefined illness or an illness without well-defined cures are significantly worse off. The handling of the pandemics is a threatening example of this. The emergency care has been discussed in media before, so here I will discuss the handling of psychiatric illnesses, to a large extent missing well-defined cures.

In the borderline between Communism and National Socialism
Nils Flyg was a Communist who turned into a national socialist. Sven Olov Lindholm turned the opposite way. The political development of the two men is described by historian Johan Stenfeldt in his book: Renegates. Nils Flyg and Sven Olov Lindholm in the borderline between Communism and Nazism.

Exceptional leaders in early US history
American history is victim of attacks. Statues are pulled down, but not only of Confederate generals but also of opponents of slavery like John Brown, the poet John Greenleaf Whittier and even the supreme commander of the Union forces Ulysses S. Grant. Removal of statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have even been proposed.

”The Family” in Angered
In one of the no-go zones of Göteborg it is not the police but ”the Family” that is in charge. Johanna Bäckström Lerneby reports on an area that hardly is a part of Sweden any more.

Failure for the Palme murder investigation
In June public prosecutor Krister Petersson and police officer Hans Melander presented their conclusions regarding the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. At the same time the investigation was closed after 34 years.  The two claimed that a PR officer at the insurance company Skandia was the likely culprit. They did not show any evidence that could surpass previous claims and the man is deceased since 2000, and does not have any living relatives that could could raise defamation charges.

Desinformation on Katyn
A writer called Nils Erik Forsgård wrote on a journey in Poland in the issue of respected conservative Axess Magazine of March 5. The objective of the article was to describe the increasing anti-semitism in Europe, giving Poland as a warning example. But the article was full of misconceptions even forwarding the propaganda view of Stalin that the Germans were responsible for the Katyn massacre. Athough the Russians kept to the propaganda lies of Stalin they admitted in 1990 that the massacre was a Russian responsibility.

The Crusades were a defence against muslim conquests
Soon 1400 years ago Moslems started to conquer areas that had been held by Christians for centuries. Attacks started already under the lifetime of Mohammad, but continued after his death in 632.

In the beginning the conquest was concentrated to the Arabian peninsula where the population were Christians, Jews and polyteists. After approximately a hundred years the conquest continued with the rest of the Middle East, North Africa and Spain, and eventually also the Balkans. Christians were murdered (it was called executions by the Moslems) and to the extent Christians were allowed to survive they had to pay the jizya, a tax that was not paid by Moslems.

BBC brainwashes the UK with propaganda and double think
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was founded October 18 1922. The company was behind the first regular TV channel outside the US and today runs a large number of TV and Radio channels. For many years BBC was respected for a factual and objective news service, but its reputation has declined and the BBC is more and more regarded as a mouthpiece of leftism.

The Gender Doctrine
Well-known publicist Ivar Arpi of Svenska Dagbladet and less well-known Anna Maria Wyndhamn has together written a book on the Gender Doctrine. The book shows how gender has turned into a decisive factor in the society and especially so within the Academia.