Continued political control of the Church of Sweden
by C G Holm

In spite of dissolving the formal link between the Church of Sweden and the Swedish state in 2000 the Church of Sweden is still controlled by politicians. From national level down to individual parishes. Of the 251 members of the National Convention of the Church of Sweden 195 represent one of the eight parties elected to the Swedish Parliament. Even godless Communists have three members of the National Convention! The members of the Convention promote their own party politics, often claiming that their own party has the typical Christian view. God is voting for the Greens, the Liberals, the Social Democrats and so forth.

The general clause is a threat to justice
by Lennart Hane

Lawyer Lennart Hane died at the end of last year. The summer before (July 4 2010) he left an article to Contra, which has not been published until now. He discusses important matters of principle and especially ”the general clause” which is a rubberband possibility to let the courts and the political power decide contrary to the letters of the other sections of a law.

New party leader in the Centre Party
by Fredrik Runebert

The Centre Party opens for a new way of chosing leader in Swedish politics. Up till now the decision has been made behind closed doors and at the end the election committee of the party has proposed the General Meeting to approve one single candidate, which has been elected. In the Centre Party there were three persons competing for the position as successor to resigning leader Maud Olofsson.

The destruction of joy
by Fredrik Runebert

During decades we have heard of dance hall depravation, hard rock satanism, bear drunkedness, violence in film and computer games, comic magazine panic and climate hysteria. Popular ”threats” to society. Mattias Svensson, a libertarian author has recently published a book where he discusses how threats are created and utilized as components in a political agenda.

Walter Williams – one of the most well-known US economists
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Walter Williams has had a brilliant academic career – but also a career as author, columnist, teacher and radio and TV personality. As black proponent of a free market economy he has often been the victim of virulent attacks. Now 74 he has written his autobiography.

Conversations with an aged KGB officer
by Ann-Mari Lahti

Ann-Mari Lahti has a couple of times met with former KGB officer Vladimir Pohl in Tallinn, Estonia. He worked for the KGB, but is now retired in Estonia. Contra relates a conversation held with Mr Pohl June 12 this year. The conversation was held at Viru Hotel in Tallinn, in the Soviet era cramped with eavesdropping equipment for the KGB. All foreigners were surveilled. Recently a museum was opened on the KGB storey in the hotel.

A financial Armageddon
by Ben Hedenberg

The media viewpoint on the forces of finance are contradicting. The financial markets have been very volatile during the past period. Greece was close to default, but was saved by restraint packages and foreign intervention.

Happiness in the north of Sweden
by C G Holm

In the American Declaration of Independence the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are specified as unalienable rights. In economic science happiness has gradually taken a more significant position. Economic wealth is not the only factor of interest to economists. But happiness is certainly linked to wealth. A study on the perception of happiness in the northern parts of Sweden shows interesting conclusions.