Communism and shamanism in North Korea
by Tommy Hansson

North Korea is probably the world’s most closed society, where the 1994 deceased Kim Il-sung still is president. Today’s real leader, his son Kim Jong-il, is surrounded by a disgusting personality cult. A new Swedish book informs on the development on the Korean perninsula and especially in North Korea. The author tells about labor camps, isolation and warmongering.

Iran – total boycott is the only solution
by Arvin Khoshnood

(chairman of the Rastakhiz Iranian Youth Movement)

In 1979, after a communist-islamistic revolution, a rootless ialamist government was created. Early the new regime started to eliminate all threats against islam. And the overall objective was to disseminate islam to the entire world, disregarding the cost for mankind. This objective is still valid and is posing a threat to world peace and stability. Unfortunately the countries in the world are not realizing the real threat that is posed by Iran.

Oil prices will decline – but still we should get rid of the dependence on oil
by C G Holm

A few years ago the oil price hovered around 20 dollars a barrel. Today prices are between 60 and 70 dollars a barrel. Can oil prices increase to any level? The adherents of the ”Peak Oil” theory think so, because they believe that finite oil resources will be depleted. But Peak Oil is a hoax. It will take time, but when the present price levels have influenced investments in prospecting, new oil fields and technology for marginal resources, prices will fall back again. This might take five years, but it will happen. Still it is important to decrease the Western world’s dependence on oil, because irresponsible regimes may use oil for political blackmail in a way that is much against the interests of the free world.

Larger parts of humanity died due to climate changes – because of global cooling
by C G Holm

Man has at several occasions been almost extinct due to global cooling. These were not manmade coolings, but natural changes in the climate. They may happen again. Ice ages, with large ice caps, made the world dry, soaked up water and the deserts expanded, which killed all people in both Europe and Asia. We are all descendants of a few Africans that survived these harsh times.

Sun Myong Moon
– founder of the Washinton Times
by Tommy Hansson

One of the least recognized heroes of the Cold War was Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, but also an important person as political opinion leader. He was born in North Korea in 1920 and founded the leading conservative daily in the US, The Washington Times.

Increased spending under Bush
by Allan C Brownfeld

The defeat of the Republicans at the elections of 2006 have by some been described as a defeat of conservatism. This is not true. Because the policy of George W. Bush did not contain any conservatism and especially no fiscal conservatism. Mr Brownfeld discusses this question starting from the book: How the Republicans Broke the Bank and Became the Party of Big Government

The Arab Empire was created in less than a hundred years
by C G Holm

Islam was created through violence by the robber and conquerer Muhammad – as opposed to the peaceful monks that were responsible for the early gains of Buddhism and Christianity. After the death of Muhammad, his followers continued the military expansion. Weapons and military forces were from the beginning an integrated part of islam. The islamic leaders were not very keen on creating converts as the system was based on all muslims sharing the booty from raids against Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. And the islamic society offered tax exempetion for believers, but leavied heavy taxes on people that did convert to islam. The moslem leaders realized that they would prosper more by having a lot of non-moslems that were paying high taxes. But real power was put into the hands of moslems only.