Free world trade and growth a necessity – by Gunnar Palm

In many parts of the world people protest against globalization. But free trade is a necessity in order to achieve growth. Countries that are not accepting a globalization of international relations are all victims of slow growth.

Where do we find the “Helge Jung” of today? – by Tommy Hansson

Helge Jung was the Swedish Commander-in-Chief between 1944 and 1951. He was in charge during a period when national defense experienced major changes at the end of WWII and the period after. Thanks to the excellence of General Jung Sweden got a strong defense, which was able to protect our large and hard-defended country at a time when close neighbours were mde victims of Communist aggression. The career of Helge Jung is chronicled in a new book by Jan von Konow.

Castro admirer Garcia Márques and Elián González

The Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Márques is, according to a modern Swedish encyclopedia, writing “stylistic masterpieces with a sugggestive blend of burlesque imagination and realism”. Márques most wellknown book, Cien años de soledad (A Hundred Years of Solitude) was published in 1967. What Márques has written today on Elián González shows, however, that he is only one of many great artists that have no political experience and knowledge.

Those who ruined Sweden: Olof Palme – destroyer of genuine free speech

Olof Palme was Prime Minister of Sweden for a total of ten years. These years include the financially least successful in contemporary Swedish history. But the most unfortunate effects of Palme was not his economic policy, but his immoral foreign policy. For the public an open support for Soviet views and totalitarian movements in the Third World. Behind the scenes cooperation with the US and NATO.

The heroes of the Cold War: Konrad Adenauer

It is hard to imagine a better leader for the Federal Republic of Germany after the end of WWII than Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967). When Adenauer in 1949 was appointed Chancellor he was already 73 years old. He was a devoted catholic and a strong anti-communist and anti-nationalist (he had served time in prison during the nazi regime). He was fed up by all claims that Germany had a destiny in the World and tried to transform Germany into an “ordinary” country in the European community.

Spy chief Ernst Wollweber

In the former headquarters of the Luftwaffe spy chief Ernst Wollweber resided under guidance of the Communist regime in East Berlin. This red spider wove a net covering all of Europe.

Alf Enerström, guest columnist: Next – Göran Persson

During the early 1980s the physician Alf Enerström became well-known because of his advertisements attacking the leader of the Social democratic Party, Olof Palme. The ads were signed “The Opposition in the Social Democratic Party” and Enerström claimed to represent real Social Democracy, as he stated that the main party had its basic goals corrupted by the present leadership. Enerström has continued his activities. In the summer of 1998 Contra was called by a visitor at Dr Enerström’s Sölje Mansion in Western Sweden. The man explained that Enerström had been arrested and transported to the county Police Headquarters in Karlstad, the provincial capital. The arrest was made by a large group of heavily armed policemen, the terrorist squad, flewn in from Stockholm and other cities. He was released the next day without an explanation. In this issue of Contra Dr Enerström is given the opportunity to give his views on what happened at his mansion and also discuss his present political activities.