Leader: Gustav Vasa elected king 500 years ago

You might be critical of king Gustav Vasa. During his reign of 37 years discontent with his politics caused a number of rebellions. But he introduced a centralized government and the rebellions were crushed. The rebels were dissatisfied with high taxes, changes in religious services, regulations for construction and much more. There were plenty of reasons to be dissatisfied with the policies of Gustav Vasa from the uprising of the nobility in 1529 to peasant rebellions in 1531–1533 and 1542–1543. But still, the election of Gustav Vasa on June 6 1523 and his march into Stockholm June 24 1523 (cover picture of this issue of Contra) was the end of foreign (Danish) rule of Sweden.

Svante Hjertstrand dead

Svante Hjertstrand has died, more than 103 years old. He was owner and editor in chief of Contra predecessor Argument för Frihet och Rätt.

C G Holm: Milk for health

Milk is one of the most nutritious products that there is. Both breast milk and cow milk are created in order to be a complete range of nutritious ingredients, especially for children, who across the world have the ability to break down lactose. In southern parts of the world this ability disappears with age, but not so in the north where adults keep their ability to break up lactose.

Filip Björner: Facebook ”Fact-checking” is not compatible with real fact-checking

Some messages in Facebook have managed robot initiated warnings labelled ”fact-checking”. But this new type of texts does not stand for a real fact-checking.

Dan Ahlmark: National sovereignty and globalism

The greatest threat against the Swedish nation’s sovereignty today is the expansion of European Union decision-making powers. The organization might evolve into a federation. Membership in such a federation would be harmful for Swedish democracy, as this would turn into powerlessness. Later might come an even greater project, the New World Order with a World Government. Considering what has been said in the discussion on European Union powers and the Swedish application for NATO membership you should doubt the interest of Swedish politicians to discuss the matter seriously. They might instead try to influence the electorate that a world government really is needed.

Allan C. Brownfeld: Can we recreate free speech?

Once all Americans believed in Free Speech, not only for their own ideas but for ideas opposite to their own.

Per Ossmer: Is the wolf needed?

There are 400 wolves in Sweden and the government sees 250 as a better figure. The government wants to reduce the figure by license hunting of wolves.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: Belief in the ”eternal peace”

Sweden has disarmed several times with costly rearmament phases to compensate for previous mistakes.