Leader: Joining the NATO

It is obvious who gained through the hijack. Lukashenka has for a long time aimed at being independent of Russia. Now he is an enemy of the EU and has to ask Putin for help. He does not have many friends in Belarus. Is there a new Crimea coming? It is just NATO left for us to get a more secure life? Let’s apply now. As I understand a majority in the parliament is in favour.

Tommy Hansson: A two-state solution is impossible

”The conflict between Israel and the palestinians have moved outside the Middle East. It is visible in the entire Europe and in large parts of the rest of the world. It is something that affects us all”. This is what Bengt G. Nilsson writes in the book ”Israel and her enemies”. Not least interesting is Nilsson’s description of his own turn from an advocate of PLO and Arafat to an advocate of Israel.

C G Holm: We need plastics

We need plastics. Which prolongs our lives and make our lives better and more easy. The negative effects of plastic scraps are much less than previously thought. Look around in your kitchen, in your bedroom, in your office or in your car. Plastics is everywhere. You are meeting plastics all the day, not in tens of varieties but in hundreds! Much of what is necessary today was not available for your grandparents who had to use rusting iron, many times as heavy as the plastics of today.

C G Holm: Taiwan – the most dangerous place on earth!

The most dangerous place on earth is the summary the British magazine The Economist. Taiwan is a small democratic nation of 24 million people compared to 1.4 billion in Communist China.

Géza Molnár: Empty figures on unemployment

In the election campaign of 2014 the present prime minister Stefan Löfven promised the lowest unemployment figures in the EU by 2020. Now one year later Sweden has dropped from number 11 (in 2014) to number 23 (out of 27, in 2021).

Joakim Förars: The US presidential election

Donald Trump, as well as many others think that the US election was stolen through cheating. What’s behind these views? Mainstream Media claim that there are no proof of any irregularities, but that is very much depending on what proofs you are looking at. There are no actual proofs of irregularities of a magnitude that would have changed the outcome. But there are circumstancial evidence that the official election figures are not in accordance with the true figures.

Allan C. Brownfeld: Critical race theory – an attack against Western civilization

A few decades ago the civil rights movement, with Martin Luther King Jr as the leader, fought for a colour blind society where the success of his children would depend on their character, not the colour of their skin. Today the view is quite the opposite, ”race” is ever more important in the American society.

Muhammad, islam and islamism

Muhammad’s life and deeds still today affect the life of one billion muslims. This article looks at what with resonable accuracy could be said about Muhammad and how he has influenced the world.

Book review: Handbook in current politics

Leif V. Erixell, chairman of the civil rights movement in Sweden, describes pecularities in the present world of politics. The book deals with present politics but also gives a ”current dictionary” on odd words used by the politically correct.

Book review: What value do we get out of research grants?

Hanne Kjöller has written a book on research policies. What do we get out of money invested? Not enough if looking at public money invested in universities, she concludes.