Leader: Gender prejudice in the Academic world

International studies show that is easier for women compared to men to get an employment in the academic world. Studies show that women tend to employ other women, while men employ both men and women. Recruiting of females are more frequent than they should be if recruitments were gender neutral.


What a war with Russia should be like

No one wants a new war. But if, what should a war with Russia look like? Millions of dead and unlimited human suffering. General sir Ricard Shirref, former deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe, gives a knowledgable account in a new book.


Violent leftist extremists

Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) has scrutinized violent leftist extremism. The study is published as a booklet covering some of the groups that threaten the Swedish society.


Global cooling turned into global warming – only forty years

In the 1970s climate was discussed as the coming global cooling and the new ice age. There was an 86 per cent consensus among scientists that global cooling was a major threat to mankind, especially because of its effect on food production. In the 1980s everything was turned around. And today the consensus among scientists seem to be global warming, and that with an even higher consensus than forty years ago.


Health Care best in Counties run by centre–right parties

Statistics is clearly showing that if you want to get public health care in time you should live in a county run by the centre–right parties or independents. Counties run by the left are underperforming. (In Sweden most health care is run by County Councils).



Burnham, Machiavelli and political science

The American political scientist James Burnham got the suggestion from his colleague Sidney Hook to read Machiavelli, the German political scientist Robert Michels, the Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto and the Sicilian theorist Gaetano Mosca. This pioneers in studying political elites influenced Burnhams own views and he wrote the book The Machiavellians – Defenders of Freedom


Swedes as slaves in Arabia

Hundreds of Swedes were captured and held as slaves in Arabia during the 17th and 18th centuries. Sweden, allied with the US, fought a war against the four ”Barbaresque states” in the early 19th century in order to end slavery. But in other parts of the Arab world slavery continued until the second half of the 20th century and as late as 2007 Slavery was criminalized in Mauretania.


Private not public interests major influence in Washington

Money is governing Washington. Private, not public, interests are running the show. That is applicable to both parties in their relation with lobbyists and financial contributors.


Well-known Swedish journalist investigated for death threats

Murder threats are common on the internet. Sometimes they are written by former journalists who are not anymore welcome to write in their old newspapers, when they want to make a vendetta with their old enemies.


If you work many years in order to earn pension benefits the net effect is small if you have an average salary

Populist complaints among low-earning retired people have caused the government to increase basic benefits given to anyone. People having worked for forty years to get pension benefits get only 800 kronor (100 dollars) a month more that those who have not earned any benefits at all. Trade Unions are critical as one of their major selling points is pension benefits earned as part of collective wage agreements.