Professional army or conscripts?
by Tommy Hansson

–We are slowly closing down the option of voluntary recruitment, Col Henrik von Vegesack, Secretary General of the National Voluntary Marksmen Movement, said during a discussion at the Annual General Meeting of The National Defense Association in Stockholm. Other participants in the discussion were Maj Gen Michael Moore, Col Hodder Stjärnswärd and rear admiral Per Wahlberg, the two latter retired. The change in mission for the Swedish defense was criticised by the participants, but Maj Gen Michael Moore, representing the Central Staff of Swedish Defense Forces promoted the ”official” line.

The Insitute for Information on the Crimes of Communism
by C G Holm

Since 2006 there is an organization called the Institute for Information on the Crimes of Communism. It is not a mass movement, but a small organization established in order to disseminate information on the crimes of communism. Leading personalities are the married couple Camilla Andersson and Anders Hjemdahl and the Institute is financed by Swedish business organizations. URL: Institute for Information on the Crimes of Communism

KGB as an important factor in the subjugation of Poland
by Tommy Hansson

In accordance with the agreement between the major powers at the end of World War II Europe was divided into a communist unfree part and a free part in the West. Poland was placed in the communist part of Europe, as other countries in the eastern part of Europe. The country was mainly controlled from Moscow. In Poland the Soviet KGB was authorized to form the basic structure of the Polish society during the first postwar years. Documents with instructions have been found in the archives of the office of the first Communist President of Poland, Boleslaw Bierut.

MPLA preparing for dictatorship in Angola
by Tommy Hansson

In Contra #6 2008 we wrote about the phony election in Angola in September 2008, when the governing party MPLA, still mainly a marxist-leninist organization, was given an unchallenged control of the government. MPLA got 82 per cent of the votes, compared to 11 per cent for the biggest opposition party, UNITA, and a total of 7 per cent for the remaining opposition. Far from free elections!

Without Bill Buckley no President Reagan
by Allan C. Brownfeld

February 27 last year William F. Buckley Jr died. He was the intellectual founder of modern American Conservatism. He died at his desk in Stamford, Connecticut, writing a column.

George Reisman thinks that the financial crisis should be countered by increased savings
by Fredrik Runebert

George Reisman is an economist belonging to the Austrian School, thus walking in the footsteps of giants like Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek. He has written books like The Government Against the Economy (1979) and Capitalism: A Treatise On Economics (1996) where he explains why a general decline in prices not always is a bad thing, because it is not possible to get away from financial crises only by increasing consumption. In his blog he gives an elaboratee explanation on the way to cope with the present financial crisis.

The cultural elite and lies hidden in order to defend political correctness
by Fredrik Runebert

There has been a wide debate on books written by well-known Swedish author Liza Marklund and ”Mia”, books claiming that the society refused to defend a persecuted woman (called ”Mia”), who finally had to flee to the United States to get protection from her ex-husband. It turned out that the two books were based on lies, a case which was thoroughly documented in books by authors Monica Antonsson and Elisabeth Hermon. But these revealing books were not mentioned in the press or other media until after an extensive discussion on blogs and in fanzines, before major media even mentioned the criticism of the politically correct Liza Marklund and the ”persecuted” ”Mia”. The article is not dealing with this background, which now is well-known in Sweden, but with the ethics of journalism when the lives of several people are crushed in order to protect the popularity of a left-leaning author and the general perception that men always maltreat women.