Raped Tibet is fed up,
by Tommy Hansson

Tibet is once again in the focus of world events. Thanks to the IOC decision to give Peking the 2008 Olympic Games. From the 7th century Tibet was an independent state with short exceptions, when Tibet was occupied by foreign powers. The still on-going Chinese occupation started in 1950. Recent protests show that Tibetans are fed up by Chinese violations of their rights.

The suffering can come to an end only with a free Tibet!

One of the most revolting stories on Chinese communist oppression in Tibet was written by the Tibetan monk Palden Gyatso. His book “Fire Under the Snow” was published in 1997 and was an immediate international bestseller, when Palden told about his 33 years in prison. He was released in 1992 and was then successful in fleeing across the Himalayas to Dharamsala in India, to where he brought a smuggled collection of Chinese tools of torture.

False propaganda fronts in Berlin and Peking

At two previous occassions the Olympic Games have been held in totalitarian dicatorships: in Berlin, Germany in 1936 and in Moscow, Russia in 1980. Both used the games in their propaganda wars to promote national socialism and communism respectively. In the short run the events were turned into great successes, although the Games in Moscow were hit by an international boycot. But in the long run it turned out worse, within a decade the two dictatorships had fallen. Maybe the Olympic Games in China will be the beginning of the end of the Chinese dictatorship?

40 years later

Forty years ago, in May 1968, a communist mob occupied the Student Union building in Stockholm. For some odd reasons this non-event has been turned into a major event by politically correct media. The end of the occupation was however that a few hundred protesters had to leave the building heavily protected by police when they had run out of food. Thousands of anti-communists protested outside the building. And in the student elections the next year the conservatives won a large victory and was in continuous power for more than two decades.

Contra has interviewd two participants in the event. One who was inside the building with the Communist occupiers and one staying with the anti-communist crowd outside the building.

Clarence Thomas and the left
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Clarence Thomas describes his life in “My Grandfather´s Son” (Harper). The book should be an American classic.

The right gets back in South Korea
by Tommy Hansson

After eight long years with the left in power the presidential election returned the conservatives to power, by electing 66 year old Lee Myung-bak from the Hannara Party (Grand National Party, GNP) President. Also in the parliamentary election Lee’s party was victorious gaining 153 of 299 seats in the National Assembly. The leftist United Democratic Party (UDP) turned out second largest, winning 81 seats. Lee, with the nickname “the Bulldozer”, is a dynamic politician with a broad background.

”Transfair/Fairtrade” – inferior products with 80 per cent administration fees
by Fredrik Runebert

Trade with “Transfair”/”Fairtade” labels increase for products like coffee and chocolate. Many politicians have requested that local governments should buy only products marked with Fairtrade Labels. We should thus look closer at the business of Fairtade Labels. And the picture is not as nice as the propaganda would like us to have it.