Sven Grafström

Sven Grafström is hardly well-known name today. Still it must be said that Mr Grafström was one of Sweden’s more excellent diplomats. He was not only a diplomat, but always a banner-holder for freedom against Communist and National Socialist tyranny. Mr Grafström also had a unique capacity of balancing between diplomatic discretion and political outspokenness for the cause of freedom.
His death in 1955 is still a mystery. He fell out of a train during one of his diplomatic missions and was killed at age 53.

Jewish settlers in Palestine
by Joakim Förars

Allan C. Brownfeld had in # 6 2004 an article where he criticised Jewish extremism among settlers in Palestine. Joakim Förars has other views and advocates the rights of peaceful settlers.

More than 1 billion dollars in government costs to take care of children
by Birger Hjelm

Costs are rapidly increasing and in 2003 the total expenditure for taking care of children exceeded 10 billion kronor (1.4 billion dollars), the increase was more than 100 million dollars. The costs were distributed on ”institutional child care and family care” 7.6 billion kronor, homes for care and living 3.0 billion kronor and other efforts 3.0 billion. The major part of this large sum is paid to foster homes and the income for government sponsored foster parents can reach 500 dollars a day. If you add up for longer periods and several children it’s a profitable business! And still generally harmful to the children that are treated by the programs.

Ayn Rand as a philosopher
By Filip Björner

This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Russian-American philosopher and author Ayn Rand. She was born as Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum in Petrograd (today’s St Petersburg), experienced the Communist conquest of Russia and fled to the United States where she turned into one of the major philosophers promoting capitalism.

Right and left in American media

CBS anchorman Dan Rather was forced to resign in disgrace after having broadcast faked material claiming that president George W. Bush had not served honourably in the National Guard. New media and new owners in old media today make it much harder to hide truths that could be hidden, if they were not politically correct, only twenty years ago.

Thede Palm – Swedish secret intelligence chief

Thede Palm served almost twenty years, until 1965, as head of Swedish secret military intelligence. After his service in intelligence he was given a position at the National Military Academy and he participated as a conservative in the cultural and political life.