The threat is coming from the East – now as then
by Tommy Hansson

After the end of the Cold War the Swedish defence has been dismantled. This has been very obvious after the defence plan of the year 2000, which included a disarmament of uncomparable magnitude. The consequence of the plan has been the practical elimination of conscription as well as a full dismounting of defence against a foreign invasion. Our country is open to threats, aggression and military pressure. The article compares the present defence structure with the defence based on conscription during the 20th century.

When the moslems conquered India
by C G Holm

When the moslems conquered Arabia and the Levant they showed no mercy for those who did not convert to the new faith, although minor Jewish and Christian communities survived. Muhammad himself had proclaimed (or rather forwarded the message of Allah) that defeated infidels should have the choice between execution and conversion. Jews and Christians had, however, certain priviliges. If they paid the special tax for infidels, jizyah, their lives were spared.
In spite of the fact that India had no Jews and very few Christians, the hindus fought back and the hindu culture survived during 500 years of moslem rule (the 13th to the 17th centuries)

The intellectual giant Friedrich von Hayek
by Fredrik Runebert

Friedrich A. Hayek (1899–1992) was, together with Gunnar Myrdal, awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 1974. He was a scholar in many academic fields and his works are signified by an interdisciplinary approach. He was one of the greatest economists of our time and one of the portal figures for economic libertarianism.

Do not underestimate Hillary Clinton
by Tommy Hansson

Irrespective of who wins the Democratic nomination for President this year, Hillary Clinton will be a political force that must be seen as extremely important for US policies. The reason for this is her irrespressible purposefulness if not ruthlessnes. Against her speaks her many political opponents as well as her impopularity in large parts of the society.

”We need many more Muhammad cartoons”
Per Gudmundson speaks at the Sweden–Israel Society

There are three types of islamists, jihadists, nationalists and legalists. Per Gudmundson editorial writer at the national daily Svenska Dagbladet and one of Sweden’s foremost experts on islamism, said at a meeting with the Sweden–Israel Society. He concluded that there were some 1,500 extreme islamists in Sweden, but at the same time claimed that the risk for major terror attacks in Sweden is limited.

The thirties once again?
by Magnus Ivarsson

You certainly have heard about the merry thirties. People sang and danced. You lived in the best of worlds. World War I had ended. Hardly anyone saw the threats that were emerging in the form of Lenin and Stalin. Nor Hitler, who later learned from these abysmal figures. The threats came from the leading countries of Europe. Russia, rich and once called the granary of Europe with an affluent middle class and a flowering culture. Germany was regarded as a country of poets and philosophers. Totalirainsm thrived and it detsroyed these countries. And the world was almost detsroyed too in this process.