Why Germans and French cooperated against the USA
by Tommy Hansson

The US led alliance’s decision to attack the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq was preceded by a long period of bargaining in the United Nations. France and Germany, later followed by Russia and China, were together trying to stop US ambitions to topple the Saddam regime. The article studies the French-German motive for their anti-American policy. In addition to the UK seven European countries initially supported the US Iraq operation: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Poland and Czechia. Other countries followed suit.

Korean policy expert Yung-Woo Han:
A new Korean war would be a catastrophe

North Korea is one of very few remaning Stalinist dictatorships. President George W. Bush linked North Korea with Iran and Iraq in the axis of evil. Since the fall of 2002 the aggreesiveness of North Korea has increased significantly. North Korea is at least as severe a threat to world peace as Iraq was. But North Korea is more risky to attack, as the country is assumed to have nuclear weapons.

Contra turned to Dr Yung-Woo Han, one of Sweden’s foremost experts on Korean policy, in order to get a proper analysis of the development on the Korean peninsula.Corrupted legal practice and political correctness:

Acquitted persons sentenced in spite of acquittal!
by Patrik Nyberg

Goodness is a woman. Evil is a man. Contra legal correspondent Patrik Nyberg summarizes the system of political correctness that guides the Swedish legal system. The person that is not adapting to the correctness of ”feminism” is marginalized in the Swedish society. Men – charged for violations by their former wives – may be acquitted by the court, but still sentenced by ”the public”. Nyberg reports on a couple of recent legal scandals in Sweden. In the next issue he will interview human rights activist Siv Westerberg.


Who is in charge in Afghanistan?
by Anssi Kristian Kullberg

President Hamid Karzai is not alone in governing Afghanistan. Different ethnical and political groups operate to claim a share of power – and they conquer it at gunpoint. Contra presents an extensive article on the competing powerhouses of Afghanistan.

Heroes of the Cold War:
Kennan’s 8,000 words created history
by Tommy Hansson

George Kennan wrote a number of well-renowned books in foreign policy related subjects. He has been regarded as one of the foremost experts in political science in the United States. But his world fame was wholly based on a telegram he sent from the US Embassy in Moscow to the State Department in 1946. ”The long telegram”.

Should the Stockholm Royal Opera be allowed to keep its royal name?

The institution that is called the Stockholm Royal Opera needs a thorough reform. Opera visitors are treated badly as classical operas are turned into extreme political events of gay activism, just to mention one bad example. The Royal Opera bears the Royal name and has by royal Decree the coveted Royal Crown in its logo. This could be alowed to continue only if the program of the opera is reformed.


The World Civil War
by Bertil Häggman

A civil war between revolution and counter revolution has raged since 1789. The civil war celebrated its bicentennial in 1989 and is still continuing. Already the year after the start of the war in Paris the first resistance emerged in England. But the war goes on.


Lappp rights must be respected
by Tomas Cramér

The former Lappish Ombudsman Tomas Cramér cites correspondence with former Cabinet Minister Annika Åhnberg, leading to an apology from the Swedish government for unconstituional forced movings of lapps, a lousy lappish education system and the fact that the Lapps have never been granted any form of autonomy, as have the peoples of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.