The destructionists in Swedish society
by Tommy Hansson

Contra editor Tommy Hansson has written a new book called ”The destructionists”. It contains 18 articles presenting 13 men and three women, who, according to the author, have contributed to the undermining of the Swedish society as a part of Western culture. People like Axel Hägerström, the couple Myrdal and Olof Palme have together attacked the Judeo-Christian ethical basis, which for a thousand years have been the foundation of our society. The book also contains articles on the cultural left and the assasinated Foreign Secretary of Sweden, Anna Lindh.

After Georgia – Ukraine?
by Bertil Häggman

After the Russian invasion of Georgia, Ukraine has turned into the focus of Russian aggression. Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe with a population comparable to that of France. The country has a very significant position from a geopolitical point of view, located between Russia and Poland. From a historical point of view Ukraine is an eastern slavonic country with significant links to the Western civilization.

The muslim view on converts: ”Capital punishment is the only way!”
by C G Holm

Muslim scholars have a common view: Capital punishment is the only proper way to take care of converts. In most moslem countries this basic rule of sharia law is not practiced. But if the government does not make what the government should, it’s up to private citizens to execute the law…

My rights as a man
by Stig Daun

Politically correct views on gender has caused an unhealthy polarization between men and women. The reasons are obviuos and the discussion is inevitable. For a positive thing, many injustices have been reduced or have disappeared altogether. But as everywhere, change causes problems. The pendulum never stops at the intermediate bottom position. The need for rapid change has caused an unbalanced discussion and doubtful measures are taken. Part of the University education of the country, begin to resemble intermediate girls schools. People responsible for recruitng at the universities openly declare that they only recruit women. Many men see themselves as discriminated against.

The irresponsible disarmament in Sweden
by Tommy Hansson

It might be an exaggeration to say that Russia is a dircet and imminent threat to Sweden. But when the Russian government is trying to recapture what was lost after the fall of the Soviet Union and when nationalism grows stronger, it is time for Sweden to reevaluate its military force.
It is not enough to stop the disarmament of recent years, we have to rebuild our territorial defence!

Corn is turned into ethanol when Africa starves
by Allan C. Brownfeld

In 2005 the Congress (with a Republican majority) approved the proposal of president Bush demanding increased use of ethanol in engine fuel. In 2008 the Congress (with a Democratic majority) approved legislation which require a minimum use of corn-based ethanol of close to 15 billion gallons – approximately 10 per cent of engine fuel used – for the year 2015. Corn prices increase – and the victims are the poor people of Africa.

The irresponsible society
by Fredrik Runebert

During the past couple of years some basic aspects of Swedish society has been put up to debate in a couple of books. The lack of responsibilty has been handled by economics professor and MP Carl Hamilton (”Det infantila samhället”). Psychiatrist David Eberhard has written a book on the Swedish need for excess security (”I trygghetsnarkomanernas land”). And Ann Heberlein has written the book: It’s someone else’s fault (”Det var inte mitt fel”).

New Zealand’s way away from regulatory socialism
by Maurice P. McTigue

Increase in the size of government is a fairly modern phenomenon. Starting in the 1850s and all the way until the 1920s or 1930s the government share of GDP was some 6 per cent in most industrialized countries. From that time and onwards, and especially so during the 1950s, we have seen a rapid increase in the government share of the GDP, up to 35–40 per cent, or more than half in Sweden. But New Zealand was not far behind, the country had dropped from number three in GDP/capita to the position 27, due to socialist regulation (the position was comparable to Portugal or Turkey). A number of consecutive governments (right and left wing ones) decided to dismantle most of the socialist regulations and New Zealand started to recapture its old position. Former New Zealand Secretary of Labour Maurice P. McTigue tell us what happened.