Chinese Shadows on the Olympic Games
by C G Holm

The International Olympic Committee made a decision contrary to their own ideals when they awarded the 2008 games to Beijing in China. The Chinese government promised to honour human rights. But the Communist regime has fulfilled its obligations as you could expect – that is not att all.

IOC follows old bad traditions, which have seen Olympic Games in both Berlin (1936) and Moscow (1980). The Olympics in these countries were used as propganda tools of their totalitarian regimes. And certainly the Beijing regime will use the Olympics in the same way, in order to utilize the focus that will be put on China during the games.

Some consolation may emanate from the fact that both Germany and Russia were turned into democracies within ten years after the games in the capitals of their resxpective countries.

John S. McCain for President!
by Tommy Hansson

The Republican nominee for President of the United States, Senator John S. McCain, is a multifaceted politician, with many differing views on him among the public. Especially the conservatives are sceptical in thier views on McCain. He often states himself as a strong conservative, his views in specific question might say something else. Tommy Hansson gives the background for the readers, to make up their minds themselves.

Male underdogs and female power
by Fredrik Runebert

Pär Ström is mostly known for his position in the public discussion on integrity and computer safety. But now he has written a book on oppression of men and female power. As opposed to many feminists the author does not claim that his book is science. He discusses, however, the distortion in media coverage when they write, with heavy headlines, on problems for women also when the problems discussed are more of a problem for men than for women.

Availability of health care
by Stig Daun

Public health care in Sweden seems to approach a breakdown. Not only concerning availability but also concerning the financial status of the system. Many county councils have to cut back on their health care operations because of lacking funds. Which will cause even longer queues and the abolishment of certain types of treatment altogehter, with patients being sent to other parts of the country. Until they close down also there.

Black Pimpernel with bruises
by Tommy Hansson

In the film ”Black Pimpernel” Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist plays the role of the Swedish Ambassador to Santiago, Harald Edelstam, who after the coup in 1973 saved a few communists and socialists from the wrath of the new government. Edelstam is to be honoured for his courage, but there is another picture not seen in the film, on the Ambassador as an admirer of the Cuban Fidel Castro dictatorship.

The structure of the moslem society is the foundation for violent acts committed by young, angry and frutsrated men
by C G Holm

Terrorism is seen all over the world in all times. Terrorists might have different backgrounds. But in the moslem culture, especially the Arabian culture, there are certain aspects that will make it easier to recruit frustrated young men for acts of violence. Young frustrated men are behind most violence in all cultures. But it is much easier for a young man to get frustrated in the moslem culture than elsewhere.

An especially dangerous enemy of the state…
…on life in Soviet Latvia

An interview with Janis Rokalns, who under the Soviet era was a prominent freedom fighter. In 1984 the KGBcalled him “an especially dangeroius enemy of the state”. The court sentenced him to eight years in a special KGB camp. They expected that he should either return from the camp physically or psychologically broken or that he should not return at all. Instead the society fell to pieces and Mr Rozkalns was liberated in advance.