The Korea’s

Contra editor Tommy Hansson has visited Korea and reports in several articles.
Subversion – an integrated part of North Korea
An interview with professor Hahm Jae-bong, discussing the emerging democracy in South Korea – and its still existing deficiencies. We hardly have a proper multi-party system, professor Hahm claims.
Lee persuaded Kim to run
An interview with Lee Jong-chan, vice chairman in the National Congress for a new Policy, the party of the new president Kim Dae-jung. Kim declared, at a visit in Stockholm in 1994, that he would not run for President. But he changed his mind after having been persuaded by Mr Lee.
Why did the government party lose the presidential election?
Spokesman Lee Jae-kon of the former government party, New Korea Party, stated that the reason for the loss in the election was the fact that the Korean people was dissatisfied with the policies run by Kim Young-sam, and on top of that the negative views were strengthened by the economic crisis.
Lack of liquid assets
The economic crisis in South Korea is serious, but it is mainly a question of lack of liquid assets in the financial system. The financial system has been mismanaged due to excessive regulation. When the problems of the financial system have been overcome, real economic growth can resume at the former pace, according to Kim Yoon-soo, economist at the Korean Exchange Bank.

The inefficiency of the Swedish police

Former Police Captain Olle Torge adds his views to earlier articles on the inefficiency of the Swedish National Police. He claims that leading chief police officials very seldom have been police officers themselves, most of them coming directly from law school. They concentrate on not being criticised by legal watchdogs (the Ombudsman) and thus refrain from taking action when so needed. The police however seem to be happy to concentrate on minor fringe groups like MC gangs, nazis and so on, in spite of the fact that 99 per cent of all crimes are committed by “ordinary criminals”

Love, genetics and society

Jan-Peter Östberg (BSc) puts a genetic aspect on love and explains the strength of the monogamous society, even after looking at the problem from the aspect of the “selfish gene”

How many times will we be right this time?

Contra publishes a new series of political stickers. This is the third time, the former serieses being published in 1981 and 1989. The former stickers have been “political successes”. There is no broadcasting monopoly in Sweden, Sweden is a member of the European Union, taxes have been lowered, Contras are running the government in Nicaragua, there is no Berlin Wall and there are no Soviet products to refrain from buying.

Jan Palach

On the Czech student who in 1969 burnt himself to death in protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Carl Tham – an opprtunistic politician

Swedish education minister Carl Tham is a leftist advocate of policies of the past.

Turkey and the European Union

Contra Middle East correspondent Bertil Wedin discusses the negative implications of the negative views of the European Union to a Turkish membership and the strategic implications of this.