Leader: The rumour of Sweden

Five years ago I could be proud of my Swedish origin in the south of France. Today everything has changed and I am asked to explain all weird things happening in Sweden.


C G Holm: The extinction

Fifty years ago you met people in the street with signs ”Repent. The Apocalypse is near”. At that time it was a warning according to the Book of Revelations. Today people threaten with the apocalypse caused by global warming. 

Tommy Hanson: Climate dictatorship and extinction

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) claim that there are not resources enough for mankind to survive on earth. Their solution? The extinction of mankind!

Allan C. Brownfeld: Narrow minded attacks on US history

We have seen recurring attacks on the history of the United States. Sports shoe manufacturer Nike withdrew a shoe with the Betsy Ross flag due to criticism from the former football player Colin Kapernick, who hade a contract with Nike. The reason: Extremists sometimes use the Betsy Ross flag, although she had nothing with extremism to do. Charlotte in Virginia decided not to celebrate the birthday of Thomas Jefferson and San Fancisco decided to spend 600.000 tax dollars to hide a mural showing the life of George Washinton.

Géza Molnár: Swedish and foreign criminals

In 1996 and 2005 the Swedish Crime Prevetion Administration made two studies on the background of criminals in Sweden. In 2017 the Attorney General Morgan Johansson declared that there was no need for a new study, as most things were unchanged. In spite of the fact that one million new immigrants had arrived. The attiorney general has changed his mind by now, but the Swedish Crime Prevention Administration has not made any efforts to make a new study. But they have all the figures available and two researchers have used the freedom of information act to update the study of 2005. Today Swedes (persons with two parents born in Sweden) are responsible for less than half of crimes in the country. The increase of crime is mostly seen in the second generation of immigrants, those born in Sweden with one or two parents born abroad. Integration of immigrants is a complete failure.

Swedish crimes

Is crime decreasing or increasing? Both are claimed in order to support different political views. And a selective choice of figures can be used to support different views. Contra looks at unbiased twenty year figures to show that some crimes are increasing (mostly violent crimes) and some are decreasing (mostly theft).

David Stavenheim: Remember Lars Vilks

The artist Lars Vilks is living under a continuous threat to his life from islamists. Three people sentenced two twelve years in prison for planning an assasination attempt against Vilks in Copenhagen were recently released from prison. This is the last article in Contra by David Stavenheim as he passed away in February this year.

C G Holm: Desinformation on corona

Contra has no expertise in virus diseases. But we remeber our criticism of Swedish government and Bank of Sweden policies during the (local) Swedish financial crisis in 1992. If our advice had been followed the Swedish taxpayers had been 10 billion dollars more wealthy today. Thus we dare to point at a number of problems with the present Swedish policy on the corona virus.

Dan Ahlmark: Why call the right fascists?

Leftist populists often call the democratic right ”fascist”. It is hard to believe why, as real fascists like Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini had a genuine socialist background

All US presidents

Karin Henriksson has written a book on all the 45 presidents of the United States.

Islamism in Sweden

Johan Westerholm has written a book on islamism in Sweden (to be distinguished from islam in Sweden). The muslim brotherhood has succesfully infiltrated Swedish authorities and are able to get a lot of grants from authorities distributing financial support to civil organizations. The muslim bortherhood is a sunni sect from Egypt where Swedish organizations are influential on a European level.