Leader: NATO

After 75 non-aligned years Sweden is finally a member in the most important organization of democrcacy and the West, NATO. 

Public Child Care

Social Authorities in Sweden have the right to put children into public child care. It is rarely taking place, mainly when both parents are drug addicts, not being able to take care of their child. Muslim organizations have formed a campaign against Swedish authorities, falsely claiming that authorities are mainly taking care of Muslim children.


Bertil Malmberg makes a summary of his views on islam and gives several examples where islam is a serious threat against democracy and thereby Western civilization. At the same time islam is the greatest threat against peace, which it has been since its origin.

Pius XII

Pius XII held the papacy betweem 1939 and 1958. Thus during the entire Second Worl War. He was part of the leadership also before his ascent as the pope and was main author of some important encyclicas during his predecessor Pius XI. Pius XII saved thousands of Jewish lives due to ”silent diplomacy.

North Korea submarines

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, likes both nuclear weapons and submarines. Thus he is in favour of nuclear armed submarines.

A Jew from Iraq

Avi Shlaim, tells in an autobiography of how he was forced to leave Iraq. He was one of 400,000 jews that were forced to leave the Arab countries between 1948 and 1951.

The New Economy

World Economic Forum (WEF) is known as driving force behind globalization, the process of transferring national sovereignity to supranational organizations. Corporations being members in these efforts are often among the biggest in the world, being interested in common rules for their activities in different countries.