Leader: We in Europe

Europe is a small part of the world. In spite of the compactness we are not alike. There are significant differences in views in Europe. gender, on energy, on climate. And further on.


Wind power is dangerous. Part 3.

Many aspects make wind power more dangerous than nuclear power. We look at a sample of wind power accidents and make the starting point for conclusions in the next issue of Contra.


American politics

The enemy used to be located in Moscow and Peking and not in the opposing political party, and that was not many years ago. The present impeachment proceedings show a new standard for American politics. Polarizing politics instead of a time when the other political party was met with respect and was called the loyal opposition.


Whoever quarrels about Peter Handke?

Who are the people quarreling about the wisdom in awarding the 2019 Nobel prize in literature to Peter Handke?  It is not hard to answer the question. His opponents are a self-appointed cultural elite with free access to the media. Many of his critics has not even read his books. His German language is hard and certainly not like reading Bild Zeitung. The general public has no views on Handke, as little as they have on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.


The thorium reactor – the future of nuclear power

Already in the 1960s tests were done with thorium reactors (breeders). Thorium is four times as common in nature as uranium and you need much less thorium than uranium per kWh produced. Technical problems with corrosion made most give up the thorium track in the 1970s. But now thorium research has been taken up again. Among other countries thorium reactors are studied and protoypes constructed in Australia, India and Brazil.


Indoctrination in Sweden

Certain sectors of society are more important than others for the development of society. And in those sectors the influence of the left is overwhelming. Creation of values in society is one of these sectors.


NATO 70 years: Alliance in change

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was founded in Wahington DC on April 4 1949. The first general secretary of the organization was the British general Lord Ismay and he summarized the objectives of NATO as folloows: ”To keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down”.