Leader: The forming of  a government

It is hard to form a government when all parties pretend that established facts from the past two parliaments, suddenly have turned into something that is forbidden. The Sweden Democrats have been decisive for supporting left-wing or right-wing propositions and governments during the past eight years. Suddenly their 17 per cent of the national vote should be regarded as non-existent.


Social media controlled by the left

International social media giants, like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are more and more tools for the left. The giant leap for free speech achieved through social media is gradually torn down by their reluctance to accept politically incorrect views among these companies. Also Swedish independent opinion makers are hit by the cold winds from the other side of the Atlantic, like Katerina Janouch and Johan Westerholm. On top of this government funds are generously allocated to left wing media projects on the internet.


”Global warming” is replaced by ”climate change” – as temperatures are not increasing by C G Holm

Many media still speak of ”global warming”, but more sophisticated media has turned into ”climate change” as it’s obvious that there is no global warming. Using the term ”climate change” you could still advocate the same measures of government control as you did before.


Troll factories try to create discord and support of conspiracy theories in the West by Harry de Quetteveille

[The front cover of this issue of Contra is made by the most famous troll painter of all time in Sweden, John Bauer. Mr Bauer died in a major marine accident on the lake Vättern almost exactly one hundred years ago, November 2018] The troll factory in Saint Petersburg continuously look for new subjects to create split and undermine the West. Somewhat unexpectedly they found that vaccinations was a good subject for questioning Western politicians and corporations. The troll factory started fabricating bloggs on the subject – both for and against, in order to promote conflict.


New wild theories on the Palme murder by C G Holm

Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was muredered 32 years ago. Still this fall two books suggesting different perpetrators have been published. Some 130 people have confessed and one has been sentenced in the district court, but was freed on appeal. The new suggestions of whom was the murderer of Olof Palme seem to distance themselves from verifiable facts and lean towards speculation by the authors, one of them having financial resources bringing him to the UK, Cyprus, Czechia and South Africa during his investigations.


The Church of Sweden and cultural marxism by Dan Ahlmark

The left have created a power house in the Lutheran Church of Sweden. People believing more in socialism than in Jesus are active and see the church as a good tool for distributing their socialist message.


Sweden Democrats

Contra contributors disagree on the true meaning of the Sweden Democrats. Critics mean that the Seweden Democrats is a rebirth of Social Democratic ideas from the 1930s and 1950s, while supporters of the Sweden Democrats mean that it is a dynamic opposition in a petrified political landscape. We give space for two opposing views. Filip Björner has read Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson’s book The modern people’s home [Det moderna folkhemmet], published the past summer and based on the Social Democratic prime minister Per Albin Hansson’s theory from 1928 on the people’s home. Tommy Hansson (no relation to the prime minister) is a local councillor for the Sweden Democrats in the city of Södertälje and disagrees with Björner. (The political aspects of the people’s home are discussed under the word ”folkhemmet” in the English language version of Wikipedia).

Social Democracy or Social Conservatism and the Sweden Democrats by Filip Björner

No, the Sweden Democrats are not Social Democrats or Socialists by Tommy Hansson


The Diplomat

A review of a recent book on the Swedish diplomat Sverker Åström


The gender experiment

A review of a book critical of gender studies, written by psychiatrist David Eberhard