When will the Social Democrats wake up and see the threat from the East?

Within the Social Democratic Party (Sweden’s biggest) no one dares to mention the four-letter word NATO. Is there really not a single one within the party who is prepared to put national interests before the career prospects within the party? For sure the reaction to an outspoken advocacy of Swedish membership would be frosty. But a Swedish membership would be a natural way for the Social Democrats to take responsibility for Sweden’s, the Swede’s and thus the electorate’s national interests. Is Defence Secretary Peter Hultqvist the man to finally speak up?

The population explosion – a problem of the past, by C G Holm

Fifty years ago the population explosion was the biggest threat to mankind according to the United Nations. The population still increases, but far from at the pace of the 1970s. And soon the population of the earth will reach its maximum.

Climate alarmism and media,
by Ulf Swenzén

Media, both in Sweden and abroad, have been transformed into propaganda tools for climate alarmism. This to an extent that they publish untruths in order to promote the ”good cause”.

Garry Kasparov’s dark view on Putin’s mafia state,
by Tommy Hansson

”The natural reaction, the human reaction, to the victory in the Cold War was to hug the former enemy”, writes Garry Kasparov in the introduction to his book Winter Is Coming. The euphoria after the victory for the good guys cannot hide the fact that evil does not die, it only takes on new shapes. Many former dictatorships in the East have managed the transformation into democracies, but unfortunately this does not include Russia. Russia has instead developed into a new authoritarian state run by Vladimir Putin, with a certain measure of KGB and Soviet nostalgia, but also mafia control.

Victory for Donald J. Trump,
by Nicholas J. C. Boyd

Donald Trump the next president of the United States? Oh no?! The world is wondering after the outcome of the US election. Many have theories, but few in Sweden understand. As a conservative Swedish-American living in the US I want to contribute with my own perspective as a guide to understanding.

Return to geopolitics in Scandinavia,
by Bertil Häggman

In the end of September 2016 an important book on geopolitics was published. It was written by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Danish prime minister and former General Secretary of NATO. In 2014 he formed Rasmussen Global, a consultancy, offering geopolitical and strategic advice. The book is published in both Danish and English.

The crooks know that they will find money in the care industry,
by C G Holm

In the 1970s handicapped people were granted ”assistants” to help them lead a normal life. The reform was introduced by a Centre-right government and the idea was to help a marginalized group in society. A group previously exiled into institutions or in the better cases being taken care of by loving relatives overextending their capacities. But the volume of money granted tease a lot of crooks to get unfair benefits for themselves or their relatives with minor or faked ailments.

Goodbye to the welfare state,
by David Stavenheim

Goodbye to the welfare state is a book written by political scientist Andreas Johansson Heinö. In a short time homogenous Sweden has been transformed in what could be called a coup. Former Prime Minister Olof Palme used the world ”revolution” to explain the multicultural society. And it’s a true description. Johansson Heinö says that the development from the welfare state to the immigrant society is a transformation that no other society has experienced. From one of the most homogenous societies in the world Sweden has been transformed into a multicultural society with unique rights for immigrants.