The Ghost of the Patriarchy is Marching
by Kalle Strokirk

The Ghost of the patriarchy is marching – new book by Kalle Strokirk.

Smelling of fresh print drawer Kalle Strokirk’s bok ”The anti-feminist manifesto” is distributed by Contra. Mr Strokirk says that in the PC society it is more and more uncomfortable to be a real man. ”White heterosexual middle-aged Swedish men with cars” are described as evil – and women as victims. Kalle Strokirk’s book is not overloaded with figures and statistics, but with drawings. It poses politically incorrect questions on an unpleasant and non-sustainable development. In the new issue of Contra an excerpt from the book is published.

Kalle Stokirk was born in 1948 and he is – beware – a white heterosexual middle-aged Swedish man with a car! He has been a comic strip artist in two of Sweden’s three largest selling dailies, Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter.

The murderer that ”only obeyed orders” – Adolf Eichmann
by Tommy Hansson

Adolf Eichmann is presented in the third article of the series in connection with the 70th anniversary of the accession to power by Adolf Hitler. Eichmann was the only ”expert on Jewish questions” within the National Socialist Party, the only senior member of the party completely devoted to Jewish matters. In the end of the war he was in charge of organizing the holocaust of the Jewish population in Hungary, a task that meant that he was in contact with Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Eichmann was finally run down by justice and was hanged in Jerusalem in 1962, after formal legal proceedings. Privately Adolf Eichmann was a grey bureaucrat, which caused journalist Hannah Arendt to formulate the theory of the Banality of Evil.

Northern Cyprus – within or outside the borders of the European Union?
by C G Holm

Contra editor C G Holm has visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where an election is prepared. Many Cypriots are worried about foreign interference in the election – interference from the European Union and the United States!

Cyprus will – together with nine other countries – join the European Union May 1 next year. But the membership agreement has been negotiated with a government controlling only 60 per cent of the area and with only three quarters of the population in the elctorate, those living in the southern part of the island. Cypriots in the northern part have their own parliament, their own democratically elected government, but they have not at all been invited to participate in the negotiations on EU membership.

Lee Shapiro – a true martyr in Afghanistan
by Tommy Hansson

Lee Shapiro is not very well-known. But with his film camera, he was an important actor in the fight against international communism. Using his film camera. Lee played an important role in the victory of the Cold War. He was an American Jew and finally became a victim of Soviet violence on a mission in Afghanistan in 1987, killed only 38 years old.

Islamism – the third ideology of violence
by Fredrik Runebert

Islamism is the third totalitarian ideology besides communism and national socialism. In an article in Contra number 6 1993 Tommy Hansson predicted that islam would be the next global threat against the West after the fall of communism.

The likeness between the three ideologies mentioned are many – hate and irreconcilability against both internal and external enemies. Aggressive foreign policies, violence, terror, worship of leaders. According to some observers only a fraction of muslims are ”islamists”, according to others the extreme forms of islam are more widespread.

Militant animal rights activists are wrong!

From the 1990s militant animal rights activism has grown into a significant threat against security. Mostly young activists destroy values for millions in attacks against fur shops, mink farms and slaughterhouses. Why? Activists as a principle look at humans and animals as equally valuable and want to prevent that animals are harmed. According to their own statements. But animals ”liberated” from their cages meet a certain death. And minks are very likely killing other animals when they get the opportunity, after being ”liberated”.

Such objections are not influencing animal rights activists. They are satisfied with performing militant actions and reports in the press. They are right and others are wrong. Few people have analyzed the ethical dimensions of the relationship between man and animal, and thus activists will not often meet intellectual opposition. Philosopher Ingemar Nordin at the University of Linköping is one who have dealt with the problem and written an essay with the title ”Animals are not human”.

The American Revolution of Liberty
by Bertil Häggman

President George W. Bush November 6th held an important speech on freedom and democracy. On the growth of democracy and the necessity of democracy in the Middle East.

Silvio Berlusconi – chairman of the European Union, slandered as few
by Chris Arkefors

Have you ever read positive comments on European Union chairman Silvio Berlusconi? No! And as chairman of the European Union Berlusconi is the highest political representative of the Swedes, though few have heard more than aggressive 30 second newscasts heavily biased against Berlusconi.
Chirs Arkefors, living in Bologna, Italy, presents the dynamic entrepreneur and organizer, that have made himself both Italy’s richest man and Italy’s prime minister.