New victories for the gay lobby
by Tommy Hansson

The Swedish gay lobby is without doubt one of the most succesful political lobby groups. The group has not only been succesful in awarding the gay group (comprising between 1 and 3 per cent of the population) an unreasonably large coverage in the media. They have also lobbied for legislation that in a not distant future might change the foundations of the society. The introduction of legal registration of same-sex partnerships was only the beginning. Pending legislation suggests that it might turn illegal to talk against homosexual ways of life, making it illegal to make a sermon based on Leviticus 18, Leviticus 20, The Epistle to the Romans 1 and the Epistle to the Korinthians 6 (the Bible itself will however not be banned, not yet!). It is also likely that it will be legal for homosexual couples to adopt children.

60 years since Barbarossa – the massive failure of Adolf Hitler
by Torsten Hammargren

“When the thieves quarrel, the farmer gets his cow back”, that is the commentary I remember when one of the most important chapters of WWII was opened June 22 1941. The two thieves were Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. The quarrel was Operation Barbarossa, the largest military operation in world history.

Poor Albania invested in Swedish marxist-leninists
by Bertil Häggman

Albania was a small isolated island even in Communist Europe. The country was keeping at an old-fashioned stalinist version of marxism-leninism under its dictator Enver Hoxha (dead 1985). This was the case even after the Soviet Union and China abanadoned this outfashioned version of marxism-leninism. The country was the poorest in Europe and the most isolated. The limited resources were used to build an extensive system of bunkers all across the country. This poor, backward country invested its limited resources in “fraternal parties” in Western Europe. In Sweden money was put into the Swedish Marxist-Leninist League (Kommunistiska Förbundet Marxist-Leninisterna). In Tirana you will today find receipts of the transactions. Contra has looked into the details of 43 receipts from the Central Committee of the Albanian Communist Party.

Lech Walesa – the hero of resistance in the East

Lech Walesa, leader of the Solidarnosc trade union in Poland, turned into a symbol of the protests against communism in the 1980s. Originally a Christian electrician he turned into a charismatic trade unionist. He participated already in the 1970 uprising, when Polish workers were shot by the Communist regime under Wladyslaw Gomulka. Walesa was awarded the 1983 Nobel peace prize and later was elected President of Poland.

Scandalous Swedish media coverage of the Middle East

Rafael Harpaz, at the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm, is sharply critical against Swedish media coverage of the Palestinian “uprising”. Harpaz criticised the media but was very appreciative about the position of the Swedish government and Swedish companies.

Salt Magazine

The magazine “Salt” published its first issue in 1999. It was met by praise or at least respect in the political community. The magazine advocated a reflectful conservatism and the founders Jonas De Geer and Per Olof Bolander stated: “We do not despise God, family and country.” The magazine was expensively designed, thanks to generous support from a Swedish billionaire. Many respected authors were published, like Anders Björnsson, Svante Nordin and Knut Carlqvist. The authors also included the publisher of Contra, Tommy Hansson. Today, only three years later, the Salt is a disaster after having turned into a xenophobic, anti-semitic yellow paper. The last issue might have been published already…

Tage Lindbom, R.I.P

The author and philosopher Tage Lindbom passed away recently at an age of 92. He was during many years one of the most important conservative philosophers in Sweden. Contra publisher Tommy Hansson was a friend of Tage Lindbom and gives his personal view on the life and work of Tage Lindbom.