The Ones that Destroyed Sweden: Alva Myrdal

In this issue Contras starts a series with the caption “The Ones that Destroyed Sweden”. Our intention is to present portraits of those, that have, according to our opinion, contributed to the decline of Sweden. The first article covers Alva Myrdal, whose most disastrous “contribution” to the Swedish society was the nationalization of the Swedish family, turning it to a subject of government control. Alva Myrdal (a Nobel Peace Prize winner) is almost regarded as a saint among feminists and social democrats. A more thinking analyst must concludes that she has contributed to the decline of the Swedish society. And one of the most eloquent critics of her view on how to raise children is the well-known left-wing radical Jan Myrdal, her own son.

Marxism Lives – Unfortunately

Karl Marx and his thoughts have hade the most destructive influence possible on the global society. Marxism is the theoretical background of Communism. Communism has fortunately declined in influence, as the Communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have been toppled. The remaining Communist dictatorships, mainly China and Vietnam, have started to reform their economic life in a direction more tolerant of the ideas behind the market economy. But in spite of the decline of Communism, Marxist thought survives, among people who are not communists.

An important part of Marxist thought advocates egalitarianism. According to Marxism all humans have equal abilities. And, as the outcome in real life differs, the explanation is institutional oppression. To the extent that Marxism at all recognizes differences in human abilities this difference is attributed to environmental factors, nothing is assumed to be explained by genetical differences.

“The World War Promotes the World Revolution”

According to a forgotten article in the Finnish newspaper Svenska Pressen in 1939, the Soviet-German pact of August that very year was, according to Soviet views, a tool in the Soviet efforts to speed up the World Revolution.

Cuba – Sun, but no Human Rights

More and more Swedes go to Cuba for holidays. They do not realize the severe violations of human rights, writes Eniel Bosch, a Cuban refugee living in Sweden.

The Heroes of the Cold War: Petro Grigorenko

The Soviet general Petro Grigorenko was relieved of his Soviet citizenship when he visited the United States on March 10 1978. At that time he had served more than five years in Communist prisons and mental asylums.

Ivan Serov – the True Communist

By letting blood flow Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov got power. He was the special protegé of Stalin and a symbol of disrespect for human rights.

Contra at Twentyfive

In December 1999 Contra magazine turns twentyfive. Few politically incorrect magazines survive for that many years. In the Royal Library of Sweden we find none other having survived for more than twenty years. The first issue of Contra in December 1974 contained a controversial article on the military coup in Chile the year before. The article explains why – up to this very day – politically correct media talk about “the popularly elected president Salvador Allende” and not the democratic president. Allende was running a dictatorship, though elected at a free election. The article is reprinted.