Leader: Defend democracy!

Many advocate that the European Union should defend democracy and that only democratic countries should be members of the Union. Sounds good, but the same people also claim what should be the content of democratic policies. But democracy is not the content of the decisions but the way to make decisions!

Filip Björner: Red against greens on honour culture

Within bothe red and green parties there are courageous women that are prepared to fight honour culture, but they are minimalized and silenced within their own parties. They are met by violent resistance and relativists who deny the existence of an honour culture.

C G Holm: We need an increased carbon dioxide level in the air to live a good life!

Life is better when the temperature is higher. Global heating has not changed this basic truth. Parallell to increaded temperatures the extent of deserts is declining. And higher temperatures mean a more lush vegetation and more bioversity

More people die of low temperatures than of high temperaures. And when temperatures increase the number of deaths caused by low temperatures decrease more than the increase of dearhs caused by high temperatures. In Europé the number of deaths caused by klow temperatures are approximately seven times as many as deaths caused by low temperatures, according to Bjørn Lomborg.

C G Holm: Gender dysphoria – a modern disease

LGBTQI is the latest version of an acronym with more and more letters. And while the letters LG stand for a group of between 2 and 3 per cent of the population, the remaining letters represent smaller and smaller groups.

Géza Molnár: Concentration camps in Xinjiang

China is a country for han Chinese. Minorities living in the periphery and their traditiopnal culture and religion are persecuted and replaced by han Chinese. Tibetans are budhists and uighirs are moslems. None of these groups are accepted in atheist China.

Ai Wei Wei

Kevin E. G. Perry interviews Chinese artist and dissident Ai Wei Wei. Mr Ai clkaims that he loves Lego which is his own tool as oil paint was rhe tool of Rembrandt.

Since six years Mr Ai lives in exile, at present in Portugal. He has had exhibitions in major cities around the world and he is one of the men who created the ”Bird’s Nest” (the Olympic Stadium in Beijing). In 2012 he had a large exhibition in Stockholm, showing his sunflower seeds, made by porcealian and handpainted and thus different to the extent of hundreds of millions (Mr Ai hired 1600 people for two and a half years in a village in China to handpaint the seeds).

Tommy Hansson: Swedish defense strengthened – but still far from the strength in the 1950s

Sweden strengthen its defenses, partly as an affect of the request of former US president Trump that Europé should pay more for its own defense. But in spite of the planned increase in defense spenindingm, Swedish defense will be significantly weaker than in the 1950s.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: Talibans recaptures Afghanistan

The Afghan people have been victims of foreign invasions, civil war and insurrection. One warlord after another have conquered and lost the land. The latest was the Western powers effort to introduce a Western model of governance. But the West was forced to withdraw by islamist terrorists, the taliban, who now have reconquered the land. The pople is suffering, and expecially so the women.

Filip Björner: Nyans – a new islamist party

Sweden now has a new extraparliamentary party, that might grow. The party, Nyans, has a website and Contra looks at it.

Nine years on death row

We have previously written about Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian (Catholic) woman who was convicted to death by hanging for blasphemy. She had shared a glass to drink some water with neighbours who accused her of blasphemy, which is punishable by death in Pakistan. Her story is now available in a book.

The Tunnel under the Wall

For those who have not experienced the Berlin Wall (tore down in 1989, after 28 shameful years) it is a must to read the book Tunnel 29. The true story of the flight under the Berlin Wall. The book is easy to read and shows the commitment of a couple of youngsters convinced to make a passage for locked-in East Germans.