Women have captured control of ”public service”
Both dictators in antiquity and todays rulers have learned to control important channels of communication with the people. Based on taxpayers’ money today an important channel is constructed through ”public service”, which gives control of information for the leading powerholders. Claiming to work for equality companies have been purged of men. All three public service companies, Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television and Utbildningsradion, as well as Swedish Film Institute have female managing directors and three of four chairmen of the boards are women.


Belarusian leader of the opposition: Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

An interview with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. When her husband was barred from running for the presidency she did it herself.


The future space war by Hasan Chowdhury

In January the Russians for the first time tested a space weapon. Kosmos 2543 was launched from Kosmos 2542.


The new language by C G Holm

Today a completely new terminology is used in politics. By changing terms politicians and activists try to get control over the political development. Some common terms are explained.


 President Trump and the MAGA doctrine by Britt-Louise Hoberg

Author Charlie Kirk has written on the MAGA doctrine; President Trump’s diverging political program, to a large extent guiding his first four years in the White House.


History of Espionage: From Moses
to Pierre Schori by Tommy Hansson

Espionage is often considered as a practice of the 20th and 21st centuries. It should not. Espionage is as old as mankind itself. You have always needed to get information that others would prefer to be embargoed.

The first known case is when Moses sent twelve men to find out about the promised land (Numbers). God promised a country flowing of milk and honey. Was that really what could be expected?


Vanadium – a key metal of the future by Britt-Louise Hoberg

Sweden has rich reserves of vanadium, a key to energy production in the future. Vanadium can also be extracted from scrap metal.


A foreign policy based on MAGA by Dan Ahlmark

Present foreign policy in the United States is based on MAGA. The reason is that President Trump is convinced that if globalism is allowed to direct US policies freedom will diminish as will industrial manufacturing. He is against global organizations like the UN or the WTO. A regional organization like the European Union is threatening the national sovereignty of member countries. US policies should be decided by Americans within the framework of the US Constitution.


The madness of crowds – a book by Douglas Murray

In Contra # 4 2020 we reviewed a book by Ivar Arpi and Anna Karin Wyndhamn on gender politics. Douglas Murray has written a book with wider scope including ethnicity and identity politics. Murray is a British journalist usually writing in well-renowned publications like Sunday Times and Wall Street Journal. He attacks political correctness, a problem in the United Kingdom as well as in Sweden.