Plastics an Important Tool for the Progress of Mankind

During the past 250 years mankind has experienced a number of major breakthroughs. The steam engine. The gasoline engine. The railroad. The car. Air transport. Electronics. And not least plastics. Plastics has made improved food hygiene possible and has given a number of important improvements for other products. Who can think of a modern life without plastics? How many products that includes plastics do you have in your closest surroundings? Most likely tens of them.



”No Go Zones” Vote for the Social Democrats

Contra has looked at the elections in the 23 Swedish ”no go zones” (according to the police). The zones are located in the three major cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) as well as in Borås, Landskrona, Linköping, Uppsala, Örebro and Växjö. The Social Democrats have an overwhelming majority in these areas. The party has changed from the Workers Party to the Welfare Recipients Party. The Social Democrats got 42 000 votes in the 23 areas, or 49 per cent of the votes, enough for two seats in parliament (distributed by proportional representation). The worst district is Herrgården in the city of Malmö with 79 per cent for the Social Democrats and an additional ten per cent for the Left Party (former Communists). A further three districts in Stockholm had a combined figure for the Social Democrats and the Left of 87 or 88 per cent. But in the Stockholm suburbs of Södertälje and Botkyrka the figures were lower and the votes were taken by the Christian Democrats. The reason? Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven refused to make an official recognition of the massacre 1915 of Armenians as a genocide. In these areas a lot of Christians from Turkey, Syria and Iraq live and vote and they were promised a recognition before the election of 2014, they opted for the Christian Democrats instead.


Sweden’s Young Muslims and extremism

The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) has generously distributed financial support for an organization called Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM). In 2015 MUCF granted more than 3 million kronor (300,000 US dollars) for SUM. In December 2016 the Agency rejected a new submission for grants. When the organization sued the Agency. The Agency produced a report on extremist links of the SUM and decided to claim a repayment of grants for 2016 (1.4 million kronor – 130,000 US dollars).


Jordan B. Peterson

The Canadian Professor in Psychology Jordan B. Peterson is big among the American right and especially among young men. Feeling marginalized in the modern society. Professor Peterson has become a household name after publishing his book ”12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” (also in Swedish translation).


The Negative Impact of the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo Movement had a significant impact both in Sweden and the United States.The effects were not exclusively positive. Heather Mac Donald scrutinizes the negative effects of the movement.


The Swedish Election of 2018

Contra is looking closer at the election and notes a failure for the system of voting for individual candidates and that it is very hard for minor parties to get any votes att all as an affect of pecularities in the technical voting system in Sweden.


Vaclav Klaus Critical Against EU Migration Policies

Former Czech president Václav Klaus has, together with his close collaborator  Jiří Weigl, written a book on European migration policies. They mean that significant parts of the European Union are turned into a backyard of the third world.


Female Genital Mutilation – the Victims are not Assisted

Infibulation is the most severe form of genital mutilation (also called pharaonic circumcision). Thousands of infibulated girls and women live in Sweden without getting any help. And the perpetrators are not prosecuted. In spite of the fact that it is possible to save all victims.

To Finish or Reform the European Union

In spite of the subsidiarity principle of the European Union (all decisions should be taken as locally as possible) ever more decisions are taken in Brussels, far from the citizens. Criticism against the European Union increases. Should EU be reformed or finished in order to cope with the problems?


Many Climate Scientists are Opponents of the IPCC Hypotheses on Global Warming

Some times we hear of a ”scientific consensus” on climate science and global warming In Contra # 3 2018 we noted that the claim that 97 per cent of climate scientists agree is based on a a carefully selected sample of between 50 and 70 scientists. Many scientists think that the effects of the sun on the climate is unknown and that you thus are unable to make any statements at all. This article shows some of those that disagree with the ”consensus”.