Chemicals, cancer and the gene pool

Campaigns are run agianst the use of chemicals in general (there are som 80,000 of them in present use). It is claimed that chemicals are adding to cancer risks (while the relative risk of cancer is declining) and that chemicals affect the gene pool (for which there is no proof). Chemicals in general however, save millions of lives every year.

The Muslim Brotherhood – strictly religious and conservative, but in Sweden they are connected to the secular far left

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency asked three experts on islamism to make a report on the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Swedish society. The three authors are terrorist expert Magnus Norell, Dr Aje Carlbom who has spent many years interviewing moslems in the City of Malmö and finally Pierre Durrani, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency adapted to pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood

Magnus Norell, Aje Carlbom and Pierre Durrani compiled the report on the Muslim Brotherhood on behalf of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. It was a preliminary study to be continued by a deeper analysis. But a campaign from the representatives of the Muslim Btotherhood in Sweden made the Agency change its mind. The government agency created to protect us against extremist islamism instead let itself be governed by it.

More than half of Social Democratic cabinet members are not members of the Church of Sweden

Religious interest among cabinet members is weak. At least among Social Democrats. In 2016 63 per cent of the Swedish population were members of the Church of Sweden. When we studied the tax returns of Cabinet members we see which are members of the Church of Sweden (or 16 other religious communities which have their membership dues handled by the Swedish tax authorities). Only 55 per cent of cabinet members are members of the Church of Sweden. This includes all present cabinet members belonging to the Green Party. Far less than half of Social Democratic cabinet members are registerd as members of the Church of Sweden (no cabinet members at all were members of the 16 other religious communities handled by the Swedish tax authorities)

Antifa attacks against free speech must be stopped

Free speech is threatened in the United States academic world. Leftists often use violence to stop right-leaning speakers. And the faculty does very little to protect free speech.

A novel on a Russian conquest of the island of Gotland

Russia’s military rearmament since Vladimir Putin’s accession to the presidency in the year 2000 has relaunched the Cold War, with Sweden as a party in it. As long as we wish to bee citizens in a free country we must do whatever any nation in such a situation has to: To build a military defense able to fight external military aggression. The island of Gotland, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, is especially vulnerable. The article discusses a new novel based on a story of a Russian conquest of the island of Gotland.

Tougher treatment of islam necessary to save our society

Islam (meaning submission in Arabic) is basically a religion of war, a religion which could be compared to maffia syndicates. The Western world is hit by islamic crime. Should islam be handled as a criminal syndicate?