No Men –
new book by Pär Ström presented
by C G Holm

”The equalitist” Pär Ström, interviewed in Contra # 2 2011, recently published a book called ”No Men. Discrimination of Men and Boys”. The book goes further in the steps of his books ”Six feminist myths” from 2011 (reviewed in Contra # 3 2011). This time the analysis of Mr Ström is more legalistic. It’s no general discussion of gendre ”science” but direct quotes from laws and regulations that directly discriminate against the male sex. The development in society has been such that there are no formal restrictions limiting the possibilities of women to advance in society, But there are several laws and regulations limiting the possibilities of men.

Sweden Democrats: The electoral base and their views on the welfare state
by Carl Andersson

Sweden Democrats, often called ”populist” or even ”racist” in international media, have their electoral stronghold among young low-paid or unemployed men living in rural areas or small towns in Southern Sweden. A consequence of this is that they get very unfavourable press coverage as journalists (often women) usually are well-paid and live in the central parts of major cities. The two never meet in real life. If you look at the recruitment of voters the Sweden Democrats have gained 37 per cent from the Moderates (conservatives, represented by the present Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt) and 37 per cent from Social Democrats and Leftists (Communists). Most of the rest come from previous non-voters. The views of the Sweden Democrats similarily vary between support for the centre right government and the center left opposition. New Contra contributor Carl Andersson takes a closer look at the Sweden Democrats.

Who are examining the examiners?

Media usually is called the fourth power in society (after the legislative, executive and legal powers). Today however, media gain more and more strength and replace the traditional three powers. A sensational headline and a government agency will soon concede to all it’s errors (true or only fictional). Sometiimes this is exactly as it should be. Media reveals wrong-doings and corruption. But the strength of media creates a position where they have the power to push their views in spite of what justice and common sense says. And this is done without any responsibility for those that should be responsible for their acts.

The new face of syndicalists
by Tommy Hansson

Syndicalists are a very tiny group in the Swedish labour market. And very small also in politics. The total is something like 5 000 to 6 000 people. In spite their very limited number they still are often noted because of their militancy.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and its wastefullness
by Fredrik Runebert

During the summer the leading Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter ran a campaign against the generally unknown Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). The paper ran detailed reports on spending for the yearly staff party, a total of some 690 000 kronor (100 000 US dollars). The handling of the matter forced the Agency Director Christina Lugnet to resign. But why the fuss on a very minor expenditure, 1 476 kronor for each employee (200 US dollars) corresponding to 0.3 per cent of personnel costs, when the agency every year spends 3.6 billion on projects of limited use to society. Contra looks at the real scandal, not the party, but what the people at the agency does when they are not partying, which is much worse.

The Population Explosion which disappeared
by C G Holm

In most parts of the world, including countries like Iran, indonesia and Brazil, fertility has dropped radically. The population still increases, but this is mostly caused by people already borne getting older. The number of children per mother is steadily decreasing and many countries in the Middle East and East Asia now have fertility rates far below 2.1, which is what is needed to keep a steady population in the long run.

How much divergence is possible in a democracy by David Stavenheim

Andreas Johansson Heinö, a social sceintist at the University of Göteborg, has studied problems for the democratic society in a multi-cultural society. His doctoral thesis was titled: ”How much divergence is possible in a democracy?”