Meeting the KGB
by Ann-Mari Lahti

During the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s I travelled several times to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in order to smuggle Bibles into the USSR, take photos of sensitive buildings and smuggle secret documents from the USSR, I learned to know several dissidents as well as ordinary people. At one occassion I was tailed and chased by the KGB. They did never arrest me, but they were sure to follow me in order to check on my contacts. In this issue of Contra I tell about how the KGB tailed me when I visited friends in a suburb of Tallinn.

Social Democrats opposed party links to the Leftist (ex-Communist) Party by C G Holm

After the Swedish election we have to live with the results until 2014. Contra makes an analysis of the results and also presents the figures for all the hopefuls that had no chance of reaching the Riksdag.

The War in South Ossetia
by Hans Kristian Neerskov

Georgia didn’t start the war August 7 2008. Nor did Georgia start the war on August 8. Ossetians started firing on Georgian peace-keeping forces, forces having been located in South Ossetia since 1994 according to an agreement between Georgia and Russia. And they started firing August 6.

Present Policemen Reduce Crime
by Fredrik Runebert

A new way of working at the Stockholm Police has been successful. Be present at major places for gatherings and restaurant life during weekends. Put up mobile police stations at two major squares in Stockholm and the result was a drop of violent crime in those areas by 33 per cent.

Josef Stalin – Bank Robber and Dictator
by C G Holm

One of the worst villains in the history of mankind. If not the very worst. And still the Englishman Simon Sebag Montefiori has written two very readable and attractive books on Stalin (The Red Czar and His Court and Young Stalin). This article deals with the latter book.

Be Friendly to the Environment – Make your Journeys by Air
by Roger Klang

Air travel might effect the environment. A little. But it does not have a negative impact on the emissions of carbon dioxide.

Sweden and Immigration
by David Stavenheim

Swedish immigration and integration policies are a failure. The eight parties represented in the Riksdag agree on that. But what is a failure – and what could have been done in another way? David Stavenheim elaborates from a controversial book on the issue.

The Ice Cap is Growing again in the Arctic
by C G Holm

That’s not something special. The ice cap always shows a low in the end of September and now this year’s turn has taken place. In the press you used to read black headlines on the falling minimum. Until 2007 when the ice cap showed a long-term low. The ice cap increased in 2008 and 2009. Now we know what happened in 2010. It was a decrease, compared to 2009. But still a larger ice cap than in 2007 and 2008. We bet that you will not read much about it.

Red Brown mixed with Black by Frank Gordons

The heart of the Russian Reich, the plain between Valdai and Volga, was hit by a triple disaster: Heat exceeeding 40 degrees Celsius, a drought reminding of the hard summers that were followed by starvation and fires where entire villages were destroyed. Around Moscow peat bogs were glowing red and Muscovites had to use handkerchiefs in order to breath. From satellites the Russian plains looked black and brown, as in the Apocalypse.

Why is the Left Supporting Islam?
by David Stavenheim

In the 1960s leftist were atheists, in the 1970s they turned to devoted (zen) buddhists. Now there is a similar move towards islam. Christianity is always regarded as a lower form of religion by the leftists. Why?