Russia invades Georgia in old Soviet style
by C G Holm

Russia wants to get full control over oil and gas supplies to Western Europe. Nordstream, the planned gas pipeline between the former Swedish cities Vyborg and Greifswald, passing only a dozen miles from the Swedish island of Gotland, is one tool used for these aims. Another is to get full control, if possible, over the only non-Russian controlled pipeline between the Caspian and Black Seas. This pipleine passes Georgia. The wish to control the pipeline is combined with an ever increasing reluctance towards the democratic and pro-Western Georgia. This was the true background of the war in August this year.

Swedish social authorities violates a family
by Tommy Hansson

Swedish social authorities have during many years split families by taking children in custody and leaving them to foster homes. The consequences for the families that are hit may be far-reaching, traumatic and harmful. Birger Hjelm tells about his own experiences in a book. The book, ”The subservient obedience”, should be compulsory reading for people handling the powers of local social affairs boards.

John McCain and courage
by Tommy Hansson

Courage is revered by John McCain when he finds it with others. This can be seen in his book Why Courage Matters. The Way to a Braver Life, with Mark Salter as co-author. In the book McCain is sharing some of his most inspring stories of courage shown by ordinary people, when they have put themselves in life danger in order to defend humans and ideals they believe in.
McCain answers the question why courage is needed: ”We need courage because without courage all virtue is weak. Revered and sought but looked down upon and lost in battle. Courage is what Winston S. Churchill called ’the most important of all human qualities… because it guarantees all other qualities.’ What meaning is there in having convictions if you are not prepared to fight for them?”

Communist China hit during the Olympics

The day of the inauguration of the Olympics in Peking, the association Supporting Human Rights in China (SHRIC) with chairman, Petra Lindberg held a protest outside the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm against Chinese politicial oppression.

And the Communist dictatorship hit hard during the Olympics. In spite of the sincere efforts of the hosts to keep journalists outside of all information on real life in China, some information leaked through the media filter. The American news magazine Time could for example report on the former neighbours Wu Dinyuan, 79, and Wang Xiuying, 77, who five times had applied with the police to protest against their eviction from their homes in 2001. They were never granted a permission. Instead they were sentenced to one year of ”re-education”.

The sentence against Jonathan Pollard – misscarriage of justice?
by Tommy Hansson

Jonathan Pollard is the only American spy who have been sentenced to imprisonment for life without having been accused for high treason. In addition he spied for an allied country, Israel. The usual sentence should have been two years in prison. The 54 year old Pollard is now serving his 24th year in prison.

Robert Nozick – the curious philospoher
by Fredrik Runebert

The political philosopher and Harvard professor Robert Nozick (1938-2002) was author of one of the most important books of libertarianism, Anarchy, State and Utopia (1974). In his later books he refines his views and his analysis. It is, however, certainly an overstatement that he left libertarianism. But Nozick was a true curious intellectual, who were more interested in developing consistent ideas and logical conclusions, rather than advocating certain views.

How to treat terrorists
by Bertil Häggman

February 11 2008 the United States started the trial against those who planned and executed the murder of 3,000 Americans in New York September 11 2001. It took more than six yeares to compile the indictment act. The prosecutor wanted the charge to be tried against all six indicted at the same time. The leader of the six is sheik Khalid Mohammed, who was arrested in Pakistan in 2003.

The laws of war are very clear on irregular fighters (guerilleros and terrorists) operating without uniform, concealing their weapons and hitting civilians. They are not to be given the same rights as regular soldiers, when caught.

Crime in the US is increasing again
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Violent crime has, according to law enforcement authorities, increased by double digit figures in main US cities during the past few years, which is a negative turn on the favourable trend experienced during the second half of the 1990s. Generally crime has decreased in the United States, but violent crime, i e murder, robbery and violent assaults, have increased since the end of 2005, especially in large cities.