Hollywood – there is also a right-wing
by Tommy Hansson

The number of Hollywood stars on the far left is large. Very large. If the views are based on conviction or the quest for ”political correctness” is another matter. There is, however, also a number of actors that have quite other views. Several of them supported president Bush in the election of 2004. Among those you will find Calfornia governor Arnold Schwarzenegger but also Kelsey Grammer, known as ”Frasier Crane” in the TV show ”Frasier”. Tommy Hansson gives more details.

The violent roots of Islam
by C G Holm

Of the large world religions only Islam is based on military power – from the prophet Mohammed up till our days. This is certainly an important explanation of the fact that Moslems are one of the parts in almost all religious conflicts in the world today.

There are ”modern” or ”moderate” Moslems, more tolerant to the rest of the world, not least in countries where Moslems are a minority. But this tolerance is countered by a fanatical intolerance among people educated in traditional Quran schools in countries where the political power is held by Moslem traditionalists. In such countries we see people like Usama bin-Laden emerge, as well as we find the foundation for similar proselytes in the West, like those responsible for the attacks in the London Underground this past summer.

Why give ”Feminist Initiative” the right to decide the agenda?
by Lukas Runsäter

Feminist Initiative, the new feminist party in Sweden, claim to stand for the truth – and the entire truth – in its way to analyze society. ”You could wear feminist glasses in order to find solutions to every problem in society” they claim. The problem they see is the ”patriarchial order of power” – nothing else. The views and the rethoric of Feminist Initiative are dangerous as they oppose all other explanations of societal phenomenons and as they disconnect themselves from views that put power and responsibility in the hands of individuals.

No freedom of speech during the Vietnam era
by Tommy Hansson

In 2005 thirty years have passed since the end of the war in Indochina after a distressing American loss in the war. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, one of the worlds most irritating supporters of the Communists in Indochina, made a large rhetoric performance of the fact that the US Embassy in Phnom Penh had to remove the Star-spangled Banner in a plastic bag. Of course, the ”people” did not win the Indochina War, which Palme claimed. The winners were ruthless Communist warriors , backed not only by Palme, but most importantly by Communist China and the Soviet Union. No democratic reforms have taken place since the Communist conquest in 1975.

The principles of restorative justice
by Fredrik Runebert

”Restorative Justice” is a philosophy where criminals primarily are expected to compensate – financially or otherwise – their victims for the effects that crimes have caused.

Parliament against Ministers
by Mattias Holm

In the complicated system of decision-making in the European union the Parliament has stopped a couple of proposals originating from the Council of Ministers, mostly seen as the most powerful institution within the Union. In both cases the Swedish government has acted in a not very flattering way. The questions concerned are the handling of software patents and the creation of a giant public database comprising all telecommunications traffic in Europe.