John Kerry, marrying billionairesses, aspiring to the presidency
by C G Holm

John Forbes Kerry is the rich Democrat who is making a political career by talking for ”the poor”. Himself he is married to his second billionairess (in Swedish kronor), Kerry’s divorced wife Julia Thorne’s family has a 200 million dollar (2 billion kronor) fortune, but his present wife, ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz, is valued at 500 million dollars (4 billion kronor).

Douglas Borg and justice
by Fredrik Runebert

Douglas Borg is by his lawyer Hans Brost described as very innovative, and had he not been forced to live on a minimum, by faulty taxation decisions, he would have made great contributions to society. Douglas Borg was illegaly charged with taxes forcing him into bankruptcy, when different authorities took contradicting decisions and it took him more than twenty years to finally win the case. Now he is suing the Swedish government for 20 million kronor in damages.

McCarthy, Angleton and Rand according to Buckley
by Tommy Hansson

William F. Buckley, Jr. Is not unknown to Contra readers. He was labelled one of the heroes of the Cold War in # 2 2002. Buckley established National Review in 1955, which soon turned into the major vehicle of the American conservative movement. National Review was an important ideological factor behind the Reagan victory and thus for the victory of the Free World in the Cold War.
In addition to being publisher of National Review Bill Buckley is an author of a number of novels, political books and provocative articles. In this article three of his political novels are discussed.

Myths of green house effects
by Tommy Hansson

Lance Kennedy’s book ”Ecomyth. Challening the dogmas and ideology of the international ’green’ movement” (Dumore Press Ltd. New Zealand 2003), has been discussed in previous issues of Contra. In this issue the global heating myth is discussed, with Mr Kennedy’s book as a starting point.

Heaven on Earth
by Tommy Hansson

Socialism is the vision of heaven of earth for the materialistic man. The idea that regulations will create perfect conditions for human life is probably as old as humanity. But in spite of this socialists today often claim that their ideas are the zenith of human development. Joshua Muravchik, an American social scientist and former socialist, has written a book on this theme, Heaven on Earth. The Rise and Fall of Socialism.

No democracy in moslem countries
by C G Holm

During the past two decades democracy has gained pace in large parts of the world. In East Asia and South America, primarily. What used to be core areas for dictators are now areas for thriving democracy. But unfortunately there are exceptions to the democratic trends. Only two out of 45 countries with moslem majorities are ”free” according to the respected organization ”Freedom House”. The authoritarian moslem culture is delaying the liberation of man.

Confusion in Sweden
by Magnus Ivarsson

Sweden is a confusing country. Look at ”security” which is a key concept in Swedish politics. ”Security” today means the highest crime rate in Western Europe, a declining health care system and not least declining care of the elderly. Security is udermined in all aspects of the civil society.