Anti-US press mob on the move

The terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11 was taken as the starting point for a number of infamous Swedes – almost all them belonging to the far left – to publicly express their hatred of the world’s most important democracy. These people think that the United States itself caused the attacks! The article contains extensive quotes from a number of the leftist maniacs.

USA boycotting the rogue state Sudan
by Allan C. Brownfeld

During the Cold War idealists – both conservatives and liberals – focused on the barbarianism of the Soviet system and its denial of human rights. Others were more interested in running their businesses. That is the case still today with China. But the idealists speak out on persecution and slavery in Sudan.

An irresponsible choice of Speaker

In 1994 the – at the time – 57 year old social democrat Birgitta Dahl was elected Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. The second-ranking public office in Sweden – second only to H M the King. Dahl was reelected in 1998. Many were apalled by the irresponsibility to choose Ms Dahl. It took her fully 20 years to disavow her own statements of support for Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. A disavowment forced on her, because of the high office she was elected to.

The Josef Frolik defection in Prague

One of the most noted defections during the Cold War was made by the Czech secret agent Josef Frolik. Frolik had started to disbelieve in the Communist system already when Soviet troops occupied his native Czechoslovakia in 1968. The invasion was the final event that made him defect. He brought with him a large number of revealing documents from the Czech secret service.

Aleksandra Kollontaj – revolutionary and feminist

The former Soviet ambassador to Stockholm Aleksandra Kollontaj (1872­1952) was the archetype of an active feminist – radical leftist, sexually promiscuous and succesful in the art of political propaganda. As most of other Communist leaders of the time she was raised in a very bourgeois environment. Her life was very turbulent.

Jovan Rajs – leading legal medical examiner
by Patrik Nyberg

Jovan Rajs, well-known Swedish legal medical examiner, has written a book on his own infallability. He tells about the mistakes made by all his colleagues in the legal system, and if true, there is not much of justice in Sweden. Especially not with people like Rajs making the most important decisions for suspects.

Ms Thatcher saved the Scotch Whisky
by Tommy Hansson

Whisky is a product linked to Scotland. Whisky distilleries are an imprtant business in Scotland. This would hardly have been the case if not for Margaret Thatcher.