New information on communist espionage in the United States

In the beginning of February 1950 the spy Klaus Fuchs was arrested in the UK. He confessed to spying on behalf of the Soviet Union since the beginning of the 1940s. He had revealed a lot of nuclear secrets. In the 1930s Fuchs had been a member of the German Communist Party, something that was known by the British authorities. Fuchs’ name had been found in connection with the unwinding of another Soviet spy network in 1946. Later new information on spy rings was disclosed all the time. The couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed as spies.All communists denied accusations of spying. Today the truth can be seen from Russian (!) archives.

Reality according to Maj Wechselmann

During WWII there were a lot pro-nazis and pro-Germans in Sweden. They hoped for a German victory. Until 1942 the “neutral” Swedish government had a pro-German attitude. Most well-known was allowing German troop transfers through Sweden. Not until the end of the war, the government changed its attitude. The well-known film-maker and Communist Maj Wechselmann discusses the pro-German policies of Sweden in a new book. Or rather part of the policies, she claims to discuss what happened in the intelligence organization the C bureau at the Sweddish defence staff. Wechselmann has read a lot of documents, but her efforts tend to be more of an overkill, as many of her conclusions and accusations obviously are false.

Languages in the Balkans

“Serbocroatian” is a fake language created by the Great Serbian colonizers in both communist and non-communist shape, including Slobodan Milosevic. The objective is to force non-Serbs to use a Serbian language and adopt a Serbian culture. International scholars have however concluded that Serbian is a language used by Serbians and Croatian another language used by Croatians. Serbocroatian is a political language that is not found in real life.

Antisemitism in Russia gains pace

Russia has a long tradition of antisemitism. During the tsars as well as under communism. Today antisemitism is emerging again – often combined with a similar hatred towards people from the Caucasus (Chechens and others). Interview with the Russian jew Mikahil Khanin.

North Korea as a criminal state

North Korea may turn into a larger international crisis – larger than Kosova and Iraq. That is a conclusion that can be made after information published this year.

The last tunes from progressive music

On August 13 I travelled 30 years back in time visiting a music festival in Stockholm. “Progressive music” was played – and all seemed a lot out of date. There was a renewal made by elderly – and well-fed men with large beards – singing protest songs against things long since gone. Contra publisher Tommy Hansson reflects on the festival.

Angolan politician: Savimbi controls Angola

An interview with an Angolan meber of parliament, from one of the small opposition groups, claiming that UNITA and Dr Savimbi control most parts of Angola today.