The “main feature” – who killed Olof Palme

No other issue of Contra – ever – has received as much attention as this. The reason is the five page article by Bertil Wedin on his investigations of the murder of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. Mr Wedin wrote this article in August. In late September he himself was accused of being the murderer by a jailed South African police! Naturally Swedish media turned their interest to Contra and the largest selling Swedish daily – Aftonbladet – actually bought 40 per cent of the article by Bertil Wedin and published it in advance of Contra, on October 3 1996. The article covered the entire front page and a full four pages of the tabloid and another three pages of background features on Wedin. (The fee paid by Aftonbladet corresponds to 20 per cent of the annual sales of Contra magazine).
The very same day as Aftonbladet published the article the printers of Contra called and said that the unions refused to print Contra – because of the article by Wedin. When Contra asked to talk with a union representative, it turned out that it actually was the management of the printers that refused to print Contra. Contra had to turn to an alternative printer – and unfortunately the quality of that printing is not what we would see as acceptable. Contra also was delayed for two weeks.
What’s in the controversial article by Bertil Wedin? He explains how he investigated the murder of Olof Palme, found substantial evidence and was refused to hand it over to the relevant Swedish authorities. Several of the named persons confirm that they have been contacted by Wedin and refused to receive his information. Mr Wedin thinks that he has key information available, but also reports that no one in the official inquiry in the case has been interested in talking to him – or even receive the written evidence.
After the extensive publicity in Swedish media the editor of Contra was received at the National Police Headquarters and was allowed to hand over an eleven page letter from Mr Wedin on his efforts to give the Swedish police information on the Palme murder. The result was immediate, finally, after nine years, the police decided to question Mr Wedin on his information on the case. Unfortunately this will take some time as the Swedish government has not recognized the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where Mr Wedin is a resident, and thus is not allowed to perform official duties on the soil of TRNC.

On the election campaign in the United States

Bill Clinton vs Bob Dole. Unfortunately Mr Clinton will win the election, but the selection of Jack Kemp as a veep candidate is a boost of the Dole campaign.

The murder of Yitzhak Rabin

The members of the Israeli Labour party has a lot to explain regarding the background of the murder of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The European Council

The chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs in the 39 nation European Council, Swedish MP Birger Hagård, discusses the tasks of the European Council and its Committee on Legal Affiars.

Interview with former Polish President Lech Walesa

Contra correspondent Leslie Öqvist visited former Polish president Lech Walesa in Gdansk this past summer. Mr Walesa said that he was happy not to be president any more, as he had more freedom both for expression and family life. But in spite of that he is very active in fighting his successor, post-communist Alexander Kwasniewski.