Per-Olof Nilsson deceased

Fifty years ago Per-Olof Nilsson started his long time conflict with the Swedish tax authorities.  His yearly income tax return was disapproved, but he was not told why. At the time there was a law making it possible for authorities to arrest people for a maximum of 90 days without formulating any charges. Mr Nilsson is the only person we know about where the law has been used. He served 87 days in the Malmö prison as ”#1857”. Nilsson spent the rest of his active life with harrassing taxation officers involved in his case, writing books and play about his case and travelling the country in a striped prison suit with a large ”1857” on it.

Jordan B. Peterson
Jordan B. Peterson in 2015 wrote the book Twelve Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos. Selling millions of copies of the book. In spite of his strict Rules for Life he himself had during the past years severe problems with drugs after getting informed about his wife’s cancer diagnosis. He was treated – in Moscow (!).  And now he has returned with a new book  Beyond Order: Twelve new Rules for Life. On a ”sales promotion” trip he gathered approciamtely 8,000 listeners in Stockholm, speaking for a full two hours without notes.

Saab Bofors Test Center
Britt-Louise Hoberg interviews the CEO of Bofors Test Center in Karlskoga, Sweden, Stefan Krol. Saab Bofors Test Center is testing weapons before they are used for a large number of countries.

Hard to return deposit bottles at the Swedish government owned liquor monopoly
At the home page of the government-owned Swedish liquor monoploly you can read all about the benefits of a system with recycled bottles and the deposit system. But in fact the stores are not even handling the bottles they have sold themselves.

Will the society be torn apart
USA is a more and more divided and polarized country. The risk is that the country will be torn apart. Allan C. Brownfeld worked in Washington, D.C., at a time when democrats and republicans talked with each other and respected each other in spit of differing views. Unfortunately Sweden is in much following the US example

Civilians and air raids
The War in Ukraine raises the question of what is allowed in war. What is the content of international agreements on the conduct of war? 

”A successful intelligence operation strives to have superior knowledge as compared to the enemy” Thus writes the Swedish intelligence service and it is hard to question the statement. Every country has a need to use secret measures to get information on what is happening in the surrounding world.

Latin America falling apart
A few decades ago center-right policies and democracy was expanding in Latin America. Today leftist populism is replacing the democratic forces.

No heat record
In Sweden media expected heat records to occur, which could be blamed on global warming. Journalists were sent to traditional hotspots. But no records were observed. The top temperature recorded in Sweden (38.0°C) were still noticed 75 and 89 years ago (at different locations).

The kurds and their objectives
As many other ethnic groups the Kurds are defined by language, religion and culture.