Leader: Time for the opposition to show that they run the game

Now and then the opposition will win votes in the parliament. But the victories are hollow. They usually include a request from Parliament to the government to introduce a new bill with detailed legislation. Sometimes the government follow the decisions of the Parliament, but mostly not. The opposition could instead adopt legislation, showing that they mean what they say. Legal expertise is avialable with qualified expertise in the staff of Parliament committees.


C G Holm: Many benefits with the food industry

Is it better to make all cooking from the beginning or using the expertise offered by the modern food industry, offering safer, simpler, cheaper and more well-tasting food? We look a arguments for both ways and conclude that it is all up to the individual to decide. But this choice should be based on facts, not illusions.


Damian Whitworth interviews Sayragul Sauytbay

The Chinese policy towards uygur’s in Xinjiang are causing protests around the world. Approcimately one million uygurs are put into prison camps. This also applies to another minority, the kazachs. We publish an interview with kazach dissident Sayragul Sauytbay, winner of the 2020 Women of Courage Award handed over by Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo and First Lady Melania Trump. She has succeeded in fleeing from China, first to Kazachstan and later to Sweden.


Géza Molnár: China tramples on the freedom in Hongkong

There were hopes of a democratic development in Hongkong after the UK turnover of Hongkong to China in 1997. But nothing of that has happened. The Chinese have assured that the leadershiop of Hongkong is pro-Communist. During the past years the Chinese control has become even tougher and the free speech under the British has been crushed.


Filip Björner: Misplaced struggle against money laundering

Should the struggle against financing of terrorism be done by a vast and tough net covering all areas where money launderiong could take place? Or is it more reasonable to control suspected individuals and organizations and hit when there is a clear picture of a threat? The present system hits ”ordinary people” but not the crooks.


Russian military research

A high degree of government control and concentrated efforts in AI and robotics, as a well as a close link to actual battlefields as Syria and Ukraine. These are some things of what could be learned from the report Russia’s Military R&D Infrastructure – A Primer.


Britt-Louise Hoberg: Has Swedish christianity decided that Israel is the big crook in the world?

Swedish christianity has since fifty years turned more crtical against Israel. This is seen in the report When the ideology of 68 turned into theology, written by Dr Johan Sundeen.



Climate journalist Sven Börjesson has written a book very critical to the majority of present coverage of climate development. The book is full of hard facts contradicting for example the IPCC reports. Temperatures have increased since the end of the little ice age, but the major increase was between 1900 and 1940 a time of very low carbon dioxide emissions. For the period 1940–1990 the temperature actually decreased, combined with growing emissions of carbon dixode.


Oleg Penkovsky

Sweden’s only professor in intelligence analysis, Wilhelm Agrell, has written a book on the spy Oleg Penkovsky (executed by the Russians in 1963). No breakthroughs in the history of Penkovsky, but a competent tale of an important chapter in the history of the Cold War.