Leader: Hidden taxes increase the tax burden

Swedish taxation of income and consumption have reached levels that hardly could be increased. Instead the present governemnt tries to increase hidden taxes, like a tax on airline transport, tax on chemicals (which actually is a tax on elctronics and home appliances), tax on electricity generated by nuclear power, tax on the benefit of having a health insurance paid by the employer (the insured are supposed to pay for substandard public health system through taxes, for the insurance premiums in the form of lower salaries and on top of that tax on the benefit of the employer paying for the insurance).


The dangers of wind power

Christmas eve 2015 400 tons of junk fell down from the sky at Lemnhult in the Swedish province of Småland. No one was close by, but you could maybe imagine if 100 medium-sized tractors fell down from the sky (see picture on page 4). This was one of a large number of accidents connected to wind power.


Dan Ahlmark: Cultural marxism and political correctness

Cultural marxism and political correctness turn into more dominating factors in Swedish society. At the same time the Social Democrats are running an immigration policy aimed at  importing voters in order to consolidate the party’s influence in a society where fewer Swedes vote for the party. Cultural marxism and increased muslim influence are obvious risks in the society.


Britt-Louise Hoberg: Politically active policemen and prosecutors chasing political opponents

Businessman Karl Hedin, one of the largest private forest owners in Sweden and owner of a company with 1,000 employees and 500 million dollars in turnover was arrested accused of ”hunting crimes”. He was arrested for a total of 31 days and nights based on very weak evidence. The reason? Mr Hedin has been active in advocating the rights of people living in the countryside and has been especially opposed to the protection of wolves in inhabited areas with a lot of livestock. Activist prosecutors and police are chasing people with politically incorrect views in hunting and wildlife protection matters.


Russian trolls chase Jessikka Aro

Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro has chased Russian trolls in Saint Petersburg and now she is chased by the trolls herself. She has recently published a book called ”Putin’s Troll Factory”. Hilary Rose has made an interview with Jessikka Aro who has been forced to move abroad from Helsinki.


C G Holm: Plastics save lives

Today platics are among the most hated objects in human life. Leftists and environmentalists attack the modern society including one of the most life-saving inventions in the history of mankind: Plastics. Plastics save millions of lives every year through more efficent and hygienic handling of foodstuff. Now activists see plastics as a danger not a life-saving tool.


Allan C. Brownfeld: A colour blind society or a society based on identity?

Not long ago well-meaning men and women, liberals and conservatives, tried to create a colour blind society. The aim was, according to Martin Luther King, to create a society where people were judged by their moral achievements, not the colour of their skin. Today four newly elected female members of the House of Representatives advocate the opposite policy.


Bertil Häggman: New conservatism

In 1971 the author (together with Professor Claes G. Ryn) published a book on new trends of conservatism in the United States. After decades of success the conservatives misinterpreted the political climate during the election of 2016. A recent conference on conservatism in Washington D.C. might be the starting point of a revival of the conservative revolution.


Janis Vikmanis: My father saw the Holocaust

The father of Janis Vikmanis saw what happened in the Holocaust in his native country Latvia, but couldn’t do anything about it. Actually Janis’ father (also called Janis) twice was rescued by Jews during the turbulence during Soviet and German occupations of Latvia. The son tells about his late father’s experiences in Latvia, which are described in a book that will be publsihed in English.