General elections are held in Sweden September 9. Most of the electorate uses analysis in newspapers and discussions between leading politicians on national television in order to get an idea of whom to vote for. But history will often tell more. Market economy and free enterprise have created wealth not only among corporate heads but among the general public. Sweden has never had so few poor people as now. Sweden is also a democracy, a delicate way of governing a country, but we must use the possibilities in the system. Living in a democracy we can vote in any way we want. But if we opt for voting we are obliged to find out what we are voting for.

No Swedish party gets a clean background check

Often it is claimed that you should not talk with the Sweden Democrats because of their unreliable background. But looking for unreliable people you find them in the background of all parties. Contra takes a closer look at tha dark past of the Sweden Democrats, but also of all other parties.


The policies of the Green Party, now a part of a coalition government, has hit Swedes hard. Green policies are expensive and creates destruction. The Green Party wants to destroy more. Why? Are they only maniacs or is the explanation of their destructiveness ideological?

Polar bears are fine and healthy!

Polar bears are healthy and their numbers are increasing. The picture is not att all as climate alarmists want to present it. Contra continues its look at the climate and find that there is far from a climatic catastrophe. Most seems to be pretty fair.

Do not trust Kim Jong Un

History speaks against the agreement between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. North Korea has broken most of earlier agreements on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The West has been cheated several times. Why should we believe them this time?

Violent salafism gets new ground in Sweden

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) studies threats to the civil society. A recent study on salafism shows that this islamic ideology is growing and constitutes a threat to the society. The study was made by researchers at the Swedish Defence University.

We have misunderstood Russia’s objectives

Leaders in the United States have in the past accepted Russian smokescreens. Today we should know better. And not least, President Donald Trump should know better.

Islamist influence in Swedish political parties

Islamists are active in several Swedish Parties, in the Moderate Party (Conservatives), in the Center Party, in the Green Party and not least in the Social Democratic Party, and within that party their subgroup Social Democrats for Belief and Solidarity.

The origins of this organization is to find among Christina Social Democrats in the city of Örebro in 1924. In 2011 the organization changed its namen and opened up for other beliefs than Christianity.

Chairman sinces 2015 is Ulf Bjereld, a professor in government at the University of Gothenburg and a former member of the Communist Party Marxist-Leninist Revolutionaries. Several ministers and MPs are members of the subgroup.