The precautionary principle threaten our lives

A modern dogma from the green left advocates the ”precautionary principle”, do not allow a new technology before it is proved to cause no harm. But it is impossible to prove that something that is unkknown is not harmful. ”The precautionary” principle is a sure way to stop progress for mankind.


”Fake news” will be even harder to disclose in the future

With new computer programs and new technology completely false sound files can be created by just feeding the program with samples of a person’s voice. And this will be done in a more sophisticated way, making it impossible to prove that the file is fake. And next similar achievements can be reached for creating YouTube films. ”Fake news” will be harder to disclose.


Political correctness or conservatism leading the Church of Sweden?

The Church of Sweden (the Lutheran Church in Sweden) is an arena for party politics – as opposed to independent ”free” churches. This fall there will be a new election for the governing bodies of the Church of Sweden and all the political parties represented in the Swedish parliament are competing for office within the church. But there are also politically independent groups organizing lists of candidates.


Multiculturalism – a dead end

The talk with the chairman of the Swedish Civil Rights Movement, Leif V. Erixell, continues in this issue of Contra. The discussion this time turns to modern destructive phenomena like identity policies and imaging theory. Mr Erixell explains why such theories are severe errors in the modern society.


How the Russians work to disperse culture and influence

Vladimir Putin has, in Russia as well as abroad, intensely advocated the theme ”The Russian World” (Russkij Mir). Large resources are invested in Russkij Mir propaganda. Under these words all Russian speaking people are included in efforts to forward the interests of the Kremlin. And the interest is not only in Russian language and Russian culture, but also in Russian thought. These efforts are linked to the control of pseudo-states like Donbass and Transnistria – the latter wedged between Ukraine and Moldova.


Defend the dignity of the democratic society

Both Democrats and Republicans have lowered themselves under decent standards of political dignity. In order to defend the dignity of the democratic society, there must be a revival in political expressions.


Terror warriors from Sweden

The Swedish Secret Police has shared information on 267 islamist extremists that have left Sweden in order to fight with terrorist groups in the MIddle East. Worst of local communities in Sweden is Vivalla, a part of the city of Örebro. The area has only 7,000 inhabitants and still between 25 and 30 of them have left for Syria or Iraq. Swedish local authorities are not aware of what is happening. At least two families with members that left the country as recruits of terrorist organizations has been given custody of four young ”refugees” without any adult custodian present in Sweden.


Media and the Swedish Secret Police chased anticommunists during the Cold War

Bertil Häggman tells about how he was chased by leading media during the Cold War and how he sued several newspapers.


Europe on the Road to Suicide?

The threats against Europe are lower birth rates and mass immigration. The Europeans are not respecting their own culture, have less confidence in European values and refrain from guarding the very values that once created European culture.