Sven Grafström and Communism

In this issue we look at the achievements of Swedish diplomat Sven Grafström during the ten years from 1945 until his early death in 1955. He was Swedish ambassador to several countries in Latin America, delegate to the United Nations and head of the UN supervisory commission on POWs in Korea in 1953. And he was a staunch anti-communist all the time.

The confessions of a taxman

Mikael Wolkander served as a Swedish taxman for 37 years. After his retirement he is finally writing a book on the tax authorities, their methods and inefficiencies. And the fact that taxmen are given pay raises only if they increase the tax assessment of a sufficient number of people.

A new attack against freedom of speech,
by C G Holm

The courts in Sweden more often attack freedom of speech. The most recent fad is ”hate crime” prosecutions against pastors and other Christians for preaching against homosexual behaviour. The pastor Åke Green was sentenced to one month in jail for a sermon he held in 2003, but later he was freed by the appelate court. The case is pending in the Supreme Court. As Contra noted in its comment on the Green case, the appelate court’s decision was based only on the fact that he was a pastor and that he made his comments in a sermon. Now the effect of that verdict is a two month prison term against the lay Christian Leif Liljeström for what is said on his site The district court especially cites that it was not a sermon.

Lower confidence in media,
by Allan C. Brownfeld

As citizens of a democatic society our decisions (including decisions in elections) are not better than the quality of the information the decisions are based on. Media is here an unfortunate part in the decision-making process. Often called the fourth arm of government media has a bad bias and often are revealed with outright forgery like in the cases of Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass.

The murder of Heydrich and the massacre at Lidice

The village Lidice was situated 20 kilometers west of Prague. It had its origin in the 14th century. On June 10 1942 the village was exterminated as a revenge for the murder of the Obergruppenführer Reinard Heydrich, Reichsprotector of Bohemia-Moravia. The men of the village were shot, while women and children were transported to concentration camps; a few children were given to German families. After the war a new Lidice has been constructed.

The New Leftists: ”Feministiskt Initiativ”

The new party ”Feministiskt Initiativ” is a far left organization, in spite of the fact that participators in the board of directors have claimed to have voted at other parties than the Social Democrats, The Greens and The Communists. After having said that she had voted for the Liberals some time, Susanne Linde had to admit that she had voted with the (reform) communists in the most recent elections. Some of the women were mebers in extremist feminist organizations already in 1991. They attacked the right-wing cabinet of Carl Bildt for being against the interest of women, but kept quiet when the same measures that Bildt took were upheld by the new Social Democratic government in 1994.